Friends :)

Tonight I'm getting to bed fairly early, it's been a BUSY weekend!! God was (again) so good and it was an enjoyable weekend even though we marked yet another month gone by since Rick went "home"! On the other hand, we are now 6 months closer to our eternal reunion!! :)

Tonight, I just need to "voice" my thankfulness for the blessing God gave to me and Rick in our best friends Jim and Donna! I'm not even going to start in on ALL of my reasons for feeling this way or I'll NEVER get to bed! I'll just share that I will never forget Jim's presence next to me as I spoke with the transplant co-ordinator that day in the hospital - he was just "there" beside me through it all, even though he had just lost his "brother". And Donna has been the sister I never had-I'm SO BLESSED to have them! Some day, I'll share more! For tonight, I'll just say, "Thank you, Lord, for the blessing of Jim & Donna" and Jim and Donna "Thanks for being you...I LOVE YOU!!"

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