eating keto and popcorn treats :)

I’m often asked how we eat Keto, how we stick to it and for recipes.

After 3 months of being home, almost a week with no electricity during lockdown and less activity than normal, June 1 came with a commitment to get back on track! For me the first step to being “good” is to have as few carbs in the house as possible! This was a little more difficult this time as we’re watching three littles so being carb free wasn’t as easy! They like their cheese crackers, graham crackers and pasta! 

 I did tuck aside any other high carb pantry items that i kept on hand in case of another lengthy power outage, and got serious about our groceries!

Today was a good example of an easy to make, really good,  low carb lunch!

I made an oversized turkey patty, think pan sized, which I seasoned with a garlic & herb seasoning blend. Once the turkey was cooked through, I spread a layer of garden veggie & chive cream cheese, tomatoes & provolone cheese. I covered the pan until the cheese was melted. 

Once cut into 1/4’s I added a side of cucumbers to Rick’s plate, the remaining sliced tomato and Avo Verde Salsa. I enjoyed some carb free jalapeño Parmesan crisps with the salsa! Everything was bought at Aldi’s and we have leftovers enough for a second meal!

Easy, peasy and really yummy! 

I realize Keto may not be for everyone but I feel so much better, have much less stomach bloat, no sugar crashes and no negative gluten effects as I’m sensitive to gluten. I don’t miss sweets or breads, pastas or other snacks at all ... except that amazing popcorn in my pantry made by Old Mill Kettle Corn!
That was a shameless plug for some amazing popcorn made by the company our friend Emma owns! :) You can order some here: https://oldmillpopcorn.com

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