Chatta”zoo”ga, Chatta-shopping & more ...


Early Wednesday evening Rick’s brother Ken and sister-in-law Linda came into town! 
It’s always fun the see family and this time has been no exception!

We had not yet visited the Chattanooga Zoo so we took a trip into town 
and checked it out and were pleasantly surprised! 
It was more than we were expecting! 
I included a few pictures of my favorite zoo animals, and some humans too! 

We also visited the Mercantile and some antique stores.
Where else can you find Sasquatch, who we left at the store,  
sparkly black Cons which just happened to be my size, yes,
they had to come home with me
and Donald Trump earrings?!
The floppy hat didn’t come home with us either but it was tempting,
I kind of liked it!
The sarcasm t-shirt was tempting as well and the butt rub gave us a good laugh! 

I’ve also been reading a few really good books and God and I have had some really
good conversations! I’m still learning everyday, and hopefully putting what
I’m learning into practice ... drawing me closer to Him and learning to
love others with more purpose! Because our job situations have been shaken up, I’m open to God’s
leading and an exciting opportunity seems it could be opening up, if you feel led,
please pray along with me for clear guidance! 

Happy weekend .... we’re soon off to do some more exploring! 

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  1. Took me a while to work out what that brown thing was you were running from?? What a fun time you were all having. 💗


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