{ever have one of "those" days?}

i really want to sit down and blog.


not to be famous.

not so you'll read it.

but for my sanity.

to put ink to paper, or in this case, fingers to keyboard.

because i believe that, for me, writing, journaling, even with jumbled thoughts is good. 

it has proven in the past to be restorative, refreshing, refining and yes, even relaxing ... and for my "type a" personality that is good ... "relaxing" to me is not knitting, or crocheting or cross stitching, nothing that takes longer than a day to complete is relaxing, it becomes stressful, i like the "instant gratification" of putting words to paper and seeing them then and there, no waiting for the finished project {anyone else relate to that?}!

but ...

some days, i don't blog because i have too many thoughts ... they are all running around in my head like 100's of open computer tabs, and i can't focus on one tab long enough to make a coherent sentence, much less a journal, or blog entry.

some days, i don't blog because, i feel i have nothing worthwhile to put in writing, but really, that is never true because each day that God gives me breath is a worthwhile day.

some days i don't blog because honestly, life hurts and those hurts feel like are too much to put out there for all to read.

some days i don't blog because life is so busy and fun and filled that there just isn't time.

some days i don't blog because i feel lonely and i don't want that to come across in a post, because i don't want to appear needy.

some days i don't blog because i'm so full of joy and excitement that i don't want to sound like i'm bragging, and have someone think that my life is perfect all the time - especially if they are facing a difficulty of their own.

some days i don't blog because i'm worried about what the future holds, my parents health, my kids well being, my marriage, my job, my finances, my future.

some days ...

can you relate?

is your life a jumble of days, some the same or similar to those i listed above?

friends, i want to remind you, as i need to stop and remind myself ...

on the day when my brain has 100's of tabs open, i need mark 4:39
"peace, be still"

on the day when i feel like i have nothing worthwhile to write, i need to remind myself of psalm 139
He knows what every day holds even before it happens and He ordained it!

on the days when life hurts, i need to remember psalm 147:3
"He heals the broken hearted"

on the days when i'm so busy and life is so fun-filled, i need to share proverbs 17:22
"a cheerful heart is good medicine" and i need to share that good medicine with others!

on the days that i feel lonely, i need to be reminded of joshua 1:9
"God is with you"

on the joy filled days, i need to remember where my true joy comes from psalm 16:11
"you will fill me with joy in Your presence"

on the days when i seem to forget that fear and faith cannot co-exist, i need to remember isaiah 41:10
"fear not for I am with you"

basically, every day, in every situation, i need to remember Him! 

He is the giver of all of my days ... 

the great days.

the good days.

the joy-filled days.

the sad days.

the lonely days.


He gave me these days and i need to always remember

psalm 118:24

what kind of day are you having today?

share your praise or prayer request in the comments ... i promise, i will pray for you! 

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