This is a tough one for me ....

All my life, I've tried and failed, and tried and failed to be "enough" for others.

I strive, 

and I try 

and I fail 

to be a good daughter, sister, sister-in-law, wife, mommy, cousin, friend, employee, business owner ...

It is a process, and I know that I have not arrived by any means, but I'm slowly learning that 


I'm created in HIS image.

I'm loved extravagantly by HIM.

If I were the only person on earth, HE would have died {and rose again} for me.

I will continually fail my earthly family & friends but HE sees me as beautiful 

For some, I will always

talk to much

 or be to boisterous

or too emotional

I may never be

thin enough {or I may be too thin}

or patient enough

or organized enough


"not enough" {or too much} for others.

BUT ... in God I can know that I am


and loved 

and HE adores me 

and because of that ... 


xo, sheila ♥

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