my blogging certainly goes in spurts!

i'm so sorry! 

life has been been good, and busy and full of adventure ... 

just to recap the last month or so 

think of this as a photo flip book ... in words!

{in no particular order}

a quick weekend trip to georgia

trips to miller park to watch the brewers

mowing the lawn

rainy days

falling more in love with my husband

a bridal shower for my beautiful middle

2 of 3 girls headed to slovakia for a missions trip

working as a personal trainer again

mowing the lawn


seeking God's call/leading in our lives

deep conversations with rick


our "baby" turning 18

selling our rental property

buying a new to me jeep{!}

seeing God move {in HUGE ways}

celebrating my "other" daughter's wedding

enjoying visits from the kids

leaning on God's wisdom, not my own

seeking God

morning coffee on the screen porch

mowing the lawn

snuggling pets {lots of them}

seeing our marriage grow & glow


enjoying family

dreaming of things to come

mowing the lawn{!}

planning a get together for taya & justin

getting organized {& simplifying life}

soaking up vitamin d whenever possible

living, laughing, loving

working out

learning to "go with the flow" 

mowing the lawn 

{um, yes, that one has made the list more than once! we had 2 days in june with no rain, so needless to say, we have green grass, and lots of it ... if i could bottle rain and it would make hair and fingernails grow as fast and as well as the grass in my yard, i'd be on to something!}


lest that list sound like "perfection" ... our life isn't perfect, but it surely is BLESSED!  

as i learn more and more to lean into God and to look for His hand in everything that comes my way {the things i view as good and those i view as "not so good"} life becomes better! 

i'm learning to "see" God in all things, large and small ... and when i view them that way, the good days are better, the "perfect" days are glorious and the tough days are bearable ... all because i know Who holds each moment, and not one thing that reaches me hasn't passed through His hands first!

go out today, enjoy your day, look for the good ... in the meantime, i think i'll go mow the lawn!

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