what’s more fun than fun shoes?

I like fun shoes & what’s more fun than fun shoes ... how about fun shoes at a great price with fun shoelaces! 


I found all of these shoes for amazing deals and wasn’t willing to pay almost as much for shoelaces as I did for the shoes themselves ... hello Google! 

I was able to make myself some fun shoelaces for my fun shoes and I am thinking I’m going to make a bunch more and sell them ... what do you think? I was even able to attach aglets (the plastic ends of shoelaces) so they are easier to lace and won’t fray! 

Would you like some? They can be made from any ribbon and any colors, some of the ribbon I used is wired and some isn’t, I like how the bows look with the wired ribbon!

I’d love to hear your thoughts, let me know if this is something you’d like for yourself, for your kids or your grandkids!

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