I don't have to know the answers, I just have to keep following the ONE who does - JESUS!!

.... I trust GOD because I don't understand HIM.  If I could wrap my brain around GOD, I wouldn't need Him!  :) 

:)  What a sweet truth in the "title" of this post and the above quote - both "stolen" from the walls of facebook friends!!

Such true words, even though, sometimes I'd LIKE to KNOW all the answers, it's o.k., I DON'T HAVE to, as long as I continue to follow the ONE (Jesus) who does! :)  That is a peaceful resting place to find myself in these days!  There are MANY times that I'd like to "know" the answers, to ask God, WHY, but, in reality, I DON'T know the answers and I will probably never understand the "why" until I reach Heaven's gate . . . and as long as I keep on following, it's o.k. not to know, to REST in God's grace and love and goodness, and to TRUST that HE sees the "big picture" while I don't/can't.

Along those same lines, I DON'T understand HIM and HIS ultimate "big plan", but my brain is human, and my human brain CANNOT fathom the mind of God, and that is o.k. too!  

Romans 15:13 says:  "May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you TRUST in HIM, so that you may overflow with HOPE by the power of the Holy Spirit."   YES! That's it, HE is filling me (us) with peace, and yes, even joy BECAUSE we are trusting in HIM and we are oveflowing with HOPE because of His wonderful promises!!  A HOPE for the future, here on earth, and ULTIMATELY the hope of an eternity in Heaven where we will be reunited and Jesus will dry all our tears!

Today was the day that I took Rick's truck to town to see about the possibility of trading it in (we had NO need of a 4x4 truck that gets 15 MPG (tops)), so after talking to the girls, we all agreed that Daddy was NOT tied to us in any way through his truck and yes, it made sense to sell/trade it.  So after much wise counsel from my brothers-in-law (whose opinion I value VERY MUCH), and my Daddy (whose opinion I also value VERY MUCH), we jumped in with both feet and traded in the truck and my car for an SUV - which we have been wanting for YEARS!!  Tim told me to have "no regrets" and he was right, he made me ask myself "What would Rick tell me to do"? and the answer was CRYSTAL CLEAR - he would have said to GO FOR IT . . . so we did, GOD is good (as usual) and all the details fell perfectly into place.  Given a choice, of course, I'd take Rickey back and WALK where I have to go, but since that is not an option, and not the path the Lord has chosen for me, I (with much advice and prayer) decided this was the right path for us to take. 

After the excitement (nervousness, apprehension, fear . . . ) of the day, we met up with Ashley & the girls & Rochet, Addie, Norma, Kaitlyn & Patrick at Brothers 3 . . . we had a good time together (as always) and then came home to a "girls night" (Nick is still up at camp).  We, at this moment have 10 girls in the house and I have a stomach ache from laughing so hard at Daila and Katie (Tessa's friend) doing  5,000 jumping jacks for "cheer practice"!  I should have taken a video!! :) 

God has seen us through another day, giving us grace for the moment, bringing friends and kind words, love and encouragement just as it was needed, just as He does EVERY day (and has done EVERY day of my life, I'm just "seeing" it every day lately!).  Tomorrow, we will go out and get our Christmas tree, another FIRST in our new normal, but I am resting assured as I turn in tonight, that despite the sadness that will surely be felt during this Christmas season, we will also experience JOY unspeakable if we just keep turning our eyes upon Jesus!!  After all, if we focus on God's TRUTHS, as WONDERFUL as Christmas is here on earth, imagine what it is like in Heaven!! ♥


  1. May God continue to bless u and your family abundantly. U are an inspiration and a wonderful example of Christ. Your family is in our prayers for continued strength.

  2. It is always great to hear and read your thoughts on what God is doing. Keep looking for His blessings because they are everywhere. Love you, dear friend.


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