still more Birthday "spoiling"

...on Saturday (the 19th), we were awakened at 9:30 a.m. (sleeping in was SO NICE) by knocking on our front door, we went to the door to discover Uncle Tim here to show us his deer that he shot at camp - important stuff! :)  He also told us that he'd be over at 1:00 to pick us up to go to Green Bay to pick up Rochet (his wife, my sister-in-law), and daughter, Addie.  We did a few things around the house and were ready to be off with Tim at 1:00.  We went to the mall to do some exchanges and a little bit of shopping - Tessa's friend from Lake Lundgren, Cody met us in Green Bay so he, Tessa & Taya went to the Christian bookstore while Tim, Kajsa & I went to the Lambeau Field Atrium for their tree lighting ceremony.  The signs we found said the tree was being lit at 6:45 so we wandered around for a bit, went to the Pro-Shop where Tim bought a "game day" program for Sunday's game and we headed towards the doors for the tree lighting - only to meet everyone coming back IN from the ceremony - it had already happened!! :)  It is something we will laugh about for YEARS to come!!  :)  The atrium was decorated beautifully for Christmas and we had a good time regardless of the fact that we missed the actual lighting!! :)  We then went to the airport where Addie & Rochet arrived 20 minutes ahead of schedule.  Once we collected their baggage, we headed over to Margarita's for a late supper! :)  There was again, lots of being silly, laughing, and just enjoying the togetherness of family.  Another day filled with God's grace, tender mercies and LOVE for us! :)  

Inside the Lambeau field atrium - looking down at Santa & the little kids! :)  

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