plans for the FUTURE . . .

I know I've mentioned it before, but this is really one of my FAVORITE verses!!  And it has become something to hold onto . . . HE knows the plans He has for me - even when they don't make sense to me.  He does not plan to harm me . . . though November 5 (and all the days that have followed) sure have been painful!  He plans to give me HOPE and a FUTURE!  Those are powerful words, and a reminder to keep my eyes on HIM and He will lead me into those plans He has prepared for me!

I had a LONG post drafted in my head, but after getting everything that had to be done tonight done, it's TOO LATE . . . so, I'll be QUICK!

I had to get SO MUCH done (lawn mowed - 4 hours on the lawnmower - CHECK, laundry done - CHECK , fridge cleaned - yuck - CHECK, long (relatively) run - 4 miles - CHECK, bills paid - yuck - but thankful that I have the money to pay them! - CHECK, pool (mostly) vacuumed - CHECK) so that I could FINISH PACKING - CHECK because TOMORROW we leave for VACATION (again, I know!)!  We will be visiting the college that Tessa will be attending in the fall and then we will (again) be spending time with Rick's brother and sister-in-law!  I'm SO THANKFUL to them for the love and support they have shown to us!  I don't know what we would do without their support!

I also have a bit of BIG NEWS that goes right along with the verse above - about God's plans for my life.  After working at school for many years (I started as a substitute aide, progressing to full time (school year) aide, to Attendance Secretary, Athletic Secretary and then to Middle/High School Secretary) . . . I am leaving my job at the school.  This is not a decision that I have come to lightly and not without much prayer and wise advice from trusted Christian brothers and sisters!  I didn't say anything until it was "official", though I found out that I had the position last Monday.  Tonight I "officially" sent in my resignation letter, so I guess that is as official as it gets!  This is a HUGE change for me as well as for the girls.  I have worked at the school for as long as they have attended the Middle/High School - so I've "been there" longer than they have!  They were very supportive of my decision and that was a HUGE blessing to me as well!  I have already filled out my pre-employment paperwork and had my required physical.  I will be starting in mid-July, after we return from vacation.  

Another big change, lots of prayer involved, and ultimately, a decision that I had to make, all without being able to discuss it with my best friend.  When I got the news that I had gotten the job, I didn't tell anyone right away.  I had to let it "sink in" a little, and then get over the fact that the ONE PERSON who I knew would TOTALLY celebrate with me wasn't here to do just that.  I do know though, that he would be proud of the decision and he would fully support me, encourage me and celebrate with me!  Despite the fact that it's a MAJOR change for me and the girls, I feel no apprehension.  I have a peace and contentment that I KNOW can only come from the Lord and the fact that He is indeed leading and guiding me!

I will do my best to post some pictures and thoughts from vacation, but I'm sure we will be BUSY.  We are driving this time and will be putting in some long hours on the road!  I'm so EXCITED to be able to spend this time with the girls and am so thankful that we are able to do this!

GOD does have plans, and we are doing our best to listen to Him and follow where He leads us! ♥

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