I go to seek ...

{"I go to seek a great perhaps" ... Francois Rabelais}

This was the saying Taya chose to put on her graduation hat and today, we sent her off on her first  big adventure! 

It's so hard to believe that the little bundle they put in my arms 18 years ago is all grown up and headed to a missions trip in Slovakia {via Georgia for 2 weeks first to catch up on the previous trip training she missed out on!} I'm so ecxited that she has been given the opportunity to make this trip, and not only to make the trip but to be doing it with her sister Tessa, Uncle Tim, Aunt Rochet and Addie too! 

To have been blessed with three daughters is an amazing gift and a daunting responsibility!  A responsibility I'd never have been able to take on without their amazing Daddy who loved them with all of his heart and would be so proud of them! I'm so thankful for the Godly legacy he left for them! I'm also thankful for both sets of grandparents who came alongside of me to love and nurture them as they grew into the amazing young ladies that they are! We were further blessed with loving aunts and uncles, a supportive church family and most recently, a step-dad who has loved them as his own. All of the credit for who these 3 young ladies have become goes to God, I'm just thankful that I was the one chosen to be their mom!

Taya will arrive in Atlanta before we get back to Wallace tonight! We covet your prayers through Taya's {and our} travels today, during her 2 weeks of training and Tessa's last 2 weeks of training and their preparing for the missions trip! We'd for love you to cover them in prayer as they travel to Slovakia on June 27 and while they minister to the people of Slovakia during the 2 weeks they are there!

Because Taya's trip was unexpected and she had a very short time of planning, she is still working on raising support for her trip {the total cost was $2,650}. Would you please pray that God would provide the needed funds before they leave for Slovakia on June 27?! We believe that even though the time is short, God will provide exceedingly abundantly above anything we can ask or think!

Tessa and Taya, as you leave on this trip, I pray that God will become even more real to you and that you will see Him every single step of the way! Kajsa as you head off to Lake Lundgren for LDC, I pray the same for you! Being your mom is the biggest blessing in my life and I am so very proud of the beautiful young ladies all 3 of you have become! I love you with all my heart! 

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