i wanted to be a little grumpy.

o.k. i wanted to be a LOT grumpy!

it was only 5:35 a.m.

on a saturday morning.

i hadn't gotten the coffee ready the night before.

the bed was warm and cozy.

it was saturday.

i wanted to be lazy and sleep in.

but, he got up so i got up.

he said "you don't have to get up just because i do"

"i know that" 

{but you're up and the dogs are up and now i probably won't go back to sleep anyway!}

so, i got up too.

i went to the kitchen where we {a little "grumpily"} worked together to make coffee.

i curled up in the living room and did my devotions.

and drank my coffee.

3 cups.

then i let the little one {gretchen} out.

and i paused for a few minutes.

i noticed there were birds singing.

i noticed how much snow had melted this week.

i noticed that the grass is already a little green.

i noticed that the sun is shining and the sky is as blue as blue can be.

i noticed that my backyard is as beautiful as many parks.

and i woke up grumbling?

thank you Lord, for the reminder of the beauty in the every day ...

... even at 5:30 a.m. on a saturday!

thank You for birds, and green grass, and sunshine and blue skies!

thank You for another day to live and love and praise You!

thank you for my family and my home and early morning coffee and devotions!

thank You for reminding me that life is beautiful ...

even at 5:30 a.m. on a saturday!

... and now, i'm off ...

broga class starts in 40 minutes!

i'm excited about my at home business {es}!

 i love my KEEP jewelry - and tomorrow is NATIONAL JEWELRY DAY

i can help YOU celebrate!

... and just this morning, i joined my sweet friend beth on my "Younique Journey"

in addition, we have an amazing clinic/studio and an amazing nutritional support product

that is changing people's lives every day ...

i have SO MUCH to be thankful for ... and i woke up grumpy?

i'm very excited about the companies i represent and would love to share any/all of them with you if you are interested! :)  shop any of my "stores" by clicking on the links above or fill out the "let's be friends" section to the right and i'll be in touch with you to see how i can help you!

and for now - go out and make it a GREAT SATURDAY! 

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