when i doubt God's amazing power, rick will often quote numbers 11:23 to me

"the LORD answered moses, "is the LORD's arm too short?""

"i don't want to answer this" i said as my cell phone rang yesterday.

i knew the number on the caller i.d.

it was the number of the place i'd dropped our car off at earlier.

the place that was going to "diagnose" why our engine light was on.

we'd been told by another place that it would cost $200 ...

just to run diagnostics.

that didn't take into consideration any repairs that may be needed.


double ouch 

considering we just had to replace a really important part on our furnace.

oh, you know, like the "little" part that makes it run.

i know, i'm so very technical when it comes to those things.

you're welcome!

the "little" part that costs $650 and that doesn't count labor.

which is doubled on a sunday.

which is then again doubled when 2 guys have to come to do the repairs.

 "is the LORD's arm too short"?" rick asked when that happened

and again when the bill came and it was MUCH less than we anticipated because

our amazing "furnace guy"

{i'm sure he has a more distinguished title than that} 

was able to reduce some of the costs for us!

anyway ... back to the car.

and the ringing phone.

and the fear in the pit of my stomach.

even though i'd prayed about the car.

even though that meant it should have been left in God's hands.

even though i know that He, not me is in control.

yes, He is in control, even of car repairs.

we couldn't just leave the car at the shop forever, so i had to answer the phone.

"hi, this is sheila" i sad, trying to sound pleasant, happy, cordial.

even as i steeled myself for the bad news.

"this is brian, your car is done", he said happily.

{of course he was happy, now he was going to tell me how much money he made!}

"do you need a shuttle, we will come and pick you up" he continued.

"what do we owe for the repairs?" i asked

{thinking, i won't need the shuttle if i can't pay you!}

"oh", he replied

"let's see ... the blah, blah blah {remember, i'm really good with technical terms

even more-so with cars than furnaces!} was broken, that's what made your

engine light come on, but it was under warranty, so there's no charge"

what, no charge, did i hear that correctly?

"has my God's arm shortened?"

"and then", he continued 

{o.k. here it comes, he started with the good news - they always do that}

"there was a crack in the something or other cap, but ...

there was a recall on that, so we took care of the recall."


"has my God's arm shortened?"

"oh, yes, and the {blah, blah, blah} was leaking"

o.k. NOW he's going to deliver the bad news...

"but that was covered under the warranty too

so ... there's no charge"!

"what about running the diagnostics?" i asked 

{remember the other place wanted $200 just to run diagnostics}

"there's NO CHARGE ... everything was under warranty/recall,

did you need a shuttle to come and pick you up?"

"um, no", i mumbled, "i can make it over, see you soon" i said as i hung up.

as i set the phone down, i buried my head in my hands and sobbed ...

"has my God's arm shortened"

i heard from across the room as rick smiled a knowing smile at me ...

"has my God's arm shortened" indeed!

He reminded me AGAIN yesterday that He IS in control




even car repairs!

"has my God's arm shortened"?

no, it hasn't, and again, He has taught me to trust.

fully trust.

because His arm is never too short to reach and rescue and bless!

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