i realize i haven't blogged in awhile.

i've been busy!

busy "re"-learning how to waitress although it is a little like riding a bike! this new job has also kept me busy learning names! i'm working at a retirement community in the dining room and we serve the residents by writing their names on the order tickets! at first i thought i'd never remember them all, but after just a week and 1/2 i'm getting there! sometimes when i wake up in the middle of the night, i quiz myself to see how many i remember! 

all that said, the job is great, my boss and co-workers are great and the residents make my day!  all in all, i must say that i love it! 

i'm off today and my "to-do" list is way longer than it should be, but i do have a couple of blog posts that are rolling around in my head ... if time allows, i'll try and put them down on paper {o.k. on the keyboard, but paper just sounds cooler!}

until then, thanks for checking in and have a great day!

trust God with ALL that comes your way and know that YOU ARE LOVED!

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