if a good friend of mine {who also lost her husband at a "young" age} hadn't posted it,
i'd have no idea that today was

"worker's memorial day"

"a day to honor and remember all of the men and women who were injured or killed just for going to work."

while rickey wasn't officially "on the job" the day he died, he was performing his life's "trade" ... that particular day, he was just earning his "pay" in bear bait instead of currency!

i often wonder if rickey had ANY IDEA when he left home that morning that he'd never be coming back ... we truly do not know the number of our days. cherish each moment you have with those you love! don't pass up the chance to tell someone you love them, to hug them and to give them a kiss ... because honestly, we never know which one may be our last ♥

though in our earthly minds, rickey was taken from us too soon, we know without a doubt {as tessa once said to me} "we had him as long as we were supposed to".  that is a hard concept for our human minds to grasp, yet it is the hope we continually hold on to {psalm 139:16}!

as i watch our beautiful girls grow into even more beautiful young ladies, i'm continually reminded how proud of them their daddy would be {and is ... he's smiling down on them from Heaven!} and i'm ever so thankful that i am blessed to be their mom!

so ... on this "worker's memorial day", thank you rickey for loving us well and serving us well.  thank you for your dedication to us, your church, your friends, your job and the LORD!  thank you for the memories and the laughter and the wonderful legacy you left!

you are loved. you are missed. you are never forgotten. 

and we will see you again some glorious day! 

until then ....

here's rickey "working" in the bahamas! :) 

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