some days, i come here to write and i have so much i want to say, i shut my computer down, because there just isn't the time or the room, and surely i'll lose your interest by the time you've read 1/10 of what i've written!

i guess that means that i need to be a little less "wordy" ... or to try and condense my thoughts!

life has been a whirlwind lately!

i've left lularoe.

i decided to join a new company and for reasons known only to God, things just became clear that was not the direction to go, so i headed in a slightly different path, still along the same lines!

i'm now with a company called amelia james .... it is BRAND new with just about 500 reps nation wide, so i find that exciting! because of my experience with lularoe, i know that being on the "start up" end of a company, there will be hiccups, but hopefully they will be worth it!

i have so many loyal customers who stuck with me through the transition, that it's been pretty smooth!

as always, rick has encouraged and supported me in this venture and actually encouraged me to add a 2nd line to my "boutique" so i'm also selling for a company called essential bodywear which is absolutely amazing ... not as new of a company as amelia james, but still very small {less than 500 reps which is amazing}!

so far, i'm very pleased with both companies and excited to see where God takes all of this! 

rick and i have been busy enjoying the last days of summer and getting ready for a business trip to tennessee in september and then a family trip to the atlanta area in october for taya & justin's wedding!

thank you everyone who reads here regularly or occasionally or regularly for being here with me on my journey ... i really do plan to make blogging a more regular part of my daily routuine so stay tuned .... it may be about what we are eating today, what i've read, what we are doing or who knows ... sometimes i get a bit crazy!  

stay tuned and join me for the ride!

i love you all!


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