do you ever wonder ...

what would be it be like if we all were free to just be ourselves?

our real selves.

what if we stopped hiding behind our masks.

the masks we wear so people can't see the real us.

what if we stopped telling facebook what was on our minds and started sharing our minds with others?

what if we really let them into ours, and we asked to see into theirs?

what if we really let them see the real "us" and we were willing to see the real them?

what if we let them see

our hurt.

our anxiety.

our fear.

our happiness.

our sadness.

what if we stopped trying to

say the right thing.

do the right thing.

be the person we think they want us to be.

what if we told them

our hurts.

our fears.

our dreams.

our reality.

what if we didn't let social stigmas get in the way?

what if we let them see beyond

the house.

the car.

the job.

the make-up.

the hair-do.

what if facebook and instagram and twitter and linkedin didn't make us feel like everyone else has

the perfect home.

perfectly wonderful meals.

perfect marriages with no conflict.

perfect children.

dream vacations.

what if we tore down the walls that protect our hearts and let them see that we have 

real hurts.

real fears.

real lives.

what if we were willing to show the "broken" in our lives, and if we were willing to accept them with the "broken" in theirs? 

how different would our relationships be?


our spouse.

our children.

our parents.

our friends.

our brothers.

our sisters.

our co-workers.

our bosses.

our neighbors.

the world we live in.

do you ever wonder what if, because i do.

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