i promised an honest review as i go through this 7-day challenge of the "pink drink" and the "x-factor" supplement.

yesterday {monday} i weighed in hoping that my product would arrive in the mail. being at that "stage of life" i often experience episodes of "personal summe r" {a.k.a. hot flashes}and i am finding my metabolism to be a bit sluggish no matter how well i eat and i've been a but more fatigued than normal when we work out. for these reasons i told kim that i'd be willing to at least give this plan a chance!

after weighing in, i began my day as normal with my 12 oz of warm lemon water followed by a 12 oz glass of water.

we "intermittent fast" which is another post for another day, but basically it means that we consume all our our daily calories in a 4 - 6 hour window, so we went to the gym as normal doing our normal workout followed by a quick protein shake to replenish and break-fast. i also drank my usual 32 oz of lemon water while we were at the gym :) 

when we got home, my goodies had arrived in the mail, and since the x-factor is supposed to be taken with food, i took those as i prepped some chicken, asparagus & zucchini for our lunch :)

after lunch, i mixed up the first of my "pink drink" for a taste test ... and first trial run! i could smell the watermelon as I opened the pouch and mixed it with 12 oz of ice water. i was pleasantly surprised with the flavor, though i'd not recommend less than 12 oz of water as it had plenty of flavor, and i think it may be too strong with less :)

i can't say that i felt a sudden urge to go and run a marathon or anything, but i was able to complete several projects and stay awake until 10 with rick watching some t.v. - we do typically go to bed at 9 as our pets usually wake us up fairly early in the morning, and our circadian rhythm is pretty well set so that was possibly a good sign!

though i am typically a good sleeper, i did have an exceptionally good night's sleep, and was not awakened by any episodes of personal summer like I often am! :) 

i woke feeling refreshed and rather than roll over and go back to sleep, i spent some quiet time with God before getting out of bed and having my warm lemon water followed by my 2nd "pink drink". 

before lunch today, i again took my x-factor followed by our typical non-workout day "break-fast" of eggs and bacon.

again today, i can't say that i felt a major difference, but i'm not falling asleep as i type this, and i may have a bit more clarity and sharpness.  i think i've also had a few less episodes of "personal summer", or at least it seems like it!

since we are very particular about any supplements that we consume, rick is still doing some research on the ingredients in these products, and i'll transcribe some of his thoughts on that later in the week!

thanks for checking in and i'll keep posting more updates throughout the week!

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