i'm sorry! i know i promised daily updates, but honestly, i didn't want to seem over-the-top so i thought maybe i'd get through the bulk of the challenge before posting again.

here i am on the morning of day 5.

my product arrived and i started the challenge on monday.

i went into it knowing that there is truth to the "placebo effect" ... meaning that if i thought it would work ... it would. so, i tried to actually start with the mindset that it would NOT work ... meaning, i'd see no noticeable effects.

#1. i'm going into this fairly healthy - we eat basically keto/paleo, almost no grains/very limited carbs/nearly zero sugars, yada, yada, yada

#2. i already take a pro-biotic and have for almost 5 years so my "gut" is pretty healthy and vitamin d on a daily basis. i'm taking a naturopath approach to menopause and while somewhat of a nuisance, compared to horror stories i've heard, it's been a pretty easy road for me

#3. i don't believe there is a "magic pill" for anything ... weight loss especially. it takes clean eating, proper nutrition {getting enough calories} with exercise included for toning and fitness

#4. it was a nightmare getting out of lularoe. i'm not going back into direct sales, i'm done with it, over, finished.

so ... since monday what can i report?

i promised an honest review ... so here goes!

i used the "slim" which is known as "the pink drink"

a "brief" search for info on the product brings up much information, so here's just a little blurb:

1️⃣ Increases friendly microbes called #Akkermansia- a remarkable microbe, which positively impacts disrupted metabolism associated with being overweight by 250 times
2️⃣ Increases #Lactobacillus by 365 times and #Bifidobacterium by 290 times - contributes to overall #health
3️⃣ Increases #Butyrate by up to 58% and #Propionate by up to 29%- short-chain fatty acids that help regulate your metabolism.
Our great-tasting Pink Drink is only 5 calories, contains no artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors and is gluten-free, non-GMO and 100% vegetarian. 🌱

along with another of the products called x-factor + because it is promoted to reduce episodes of "personal summer" {aka hot flashes} that ladies *my age* can suffer with.

so, my "take" after 5 days ...

** i have more energy. hands down. no question.

** i've slept better. last night i don't think i moved all night and i woke up ready to get out of bed and tackle the day without laying around and psyching myself up to do it.

** i've been battling muscle fatigue at the gym, to the point of limiting my workouts, i've seen some improvement.

**  my mind is sharper and more focused, i'm finishing tasks and not quite so scatterbrained {oh, look, a squirrel!}.

**  i've had noticeably less hot flashes, and they have been less intense and shorter in duration.

so ... what is my take after 5 days?

i do think there is a usefulness to these products. 

what i've seen in just 5 days makes me want to know more.

my desire in life is to help others and be a blessing ... and to share products that will help you feel better and enjoy life more would certainly bless many lives.

i'm willing to give these products a longer chance than 7 days and i'm willing to try other products the company offers.  

i love the fact that they are not pharmaceutical in nature and that they are derived from natural ingredients ... many of the ambassadors with the company are *crunchy* mamas and that appeals to me.


so, that is my HONEST review!

i'll be hosting a challenge through my facebook group my journey 139 within a few weeks if you want to see for yourself what you think of these products. don't just follow me blindly ... try them for yourself, see if you don't feel better and stronger and have more vitality for life ... what have you got to lose?  it's only 7 days!

head back over to my FB page HERE and join if you aren't a member and then either comment to my wall, comment on the "join the challenge post" or PM me if you want to try it for yourself with absolutely NO COMMITMENT ever beyond the 7 day challenge! 

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