nothing brilliant or witty . . . just a mousetrap car!

I WAS going to go to bed at 9:00 . . . oops . . . it's 11:38 and here I am!!

I have something that was REALLY GOOD for me that a new "widow friend" posted on her Facebook and she gave me permission to re-use it, but, I need TIME and energy for it, so maybe tomorrow!!

So, rather than deep and serious . . . 




Today, we started with THIS on our kitchen counter . . . 

And after MANY hours, LOTS of LAUGHTER, 2 "Face Time" chats with Uncle Tim and a couple of texts, we ended up with THIS . . . 

And it even WORKS . . . probably not as good as it's supposed to, but, it's our FIRST "Daddy should be here, but he's not" project.  It was just one of those things that we needed to do mostly on our own (I KNOW we could have called on any number of people for help, so don't feel bad that we didn't call you or that you didn't help!)  We did borrow from Uncle Tim's knowledge a little bit, but it was from a distance, so all of the "hands-on" was us.  It's not perfect.  She won't win any awards with it, but, it feels like an accomplishment!  We have all paid enough attention to the things that were more "caught" than "taught" by Rick and we "Got it Done"!  And we did it without much discord, lots of laughing, listening to some silly music to inspire us and LOTS of trial & error!

Thanks, Rick, for ALL you taught us (and are STILL teaching me - I was MUCH more patient tonight than I would have been in the past) and THANK YOU LORD for standing in the gap and listening to my pleas for help - that we could at least make it work - it did!! :) 

I'm thankful that GOD reminds me of HIS presence and LOVE even in the little things like a Science 9 project to build a mousetrap car!!  He really does care about EVERY SINGLE DETAIL!!

And, now, I MUST try to get some sleep!  Back to work for me tomorrow . . . and, yes, I'm a little stressed about it . . . so if you think of it, please whisper a prayer for me!  It will be an EARLY start as Taya has Driver's Ed . . . and has to BE AT SCHOOL at 6:00 a.m.!!  So, g'night y'all! :) 

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