Again today, I CHOOSE to believe this - I will continue to have FAITH that where I am RIGHT NOW is exactly where He wants me to be and that the places He will take me are known only by Him!  With that thought in mind, I can sleep well tonight and in the nights to come regardless of whatever circumstances may come my way on a daily basis!  GOD is taking me somewhere, I just have to have FAITH in HIM! :) 

Tonight, I am going to sleep happy to have all 3 girls home under the same roof again!  I'm thankful for the WONDERFUL blessing of THEM and their big brother & sister . . . they are truly my earthly lifelines - the ones who, like Rick, will always be there, through thick and thin!  I LOVE YOU Nick, Ashley Beth, Tessa, Taya & Kajsa (and Ashley Marie and Brian too!)

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