He cares about EVERYTHING!

Late night, short post, posting as I walk on the treadmill actually....I am a multi-tasker!!!

I love the thought in the quote I posted! Tonight as I was struggling to get the W-2 forms ready for Township employees (yes, I know tomorrow is the deadline!), I could not get the software program (new one this year because I waited TOO LONG and couldn't get the same one as last year - ugh!) I bought to work. I prayed (a very desperate and impatient) PLEASE GOD and suddenly the answer to the question I had been searching for was RIGHT THERE in front of me! So even in my procrastination and impatience, HE reaches down in tender loving-kindness and rescues me yet again!

Ah, how I LOVE Him!!

There is NO SINGLE aspect of my life that HE is NOT concerned about!  He DOES care for me!  And if HE cares in things that are even my fault, and HE steps in and HELPS me, how much more then, in the BIG things?!

Today, I have a sick girl - no fun - for me or for her.  I came home at noon to be with her and crawled in bed with her and took a nap (maybe the reason for this burst of energy at almost midnight?!)  I don't like having sick kiddos - I feel SO HELPLESS :(  Gramma Milly brought her some chicken salad for supper which she TRIED to eat, and sweet Bobbi offered to come and check on her tomorrow if she stays home from school! :) Ah, NO SINGLE aspect of OUR lives that God is not concerned about!

Ah, how I LOVE Him!!

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