I really like this quote . . . and knowing that it was as true on November 4 as it is today makes me like it even more!  Even then, I didn't have to fear the "tomorrow" with its life changing events, because GOD was already there.  He was already in my tomorrow.  He had already gone before ma.  He can and does see into the future, He knows what He is doing, and He doesn't make mistakes.   What a comfort that is to me.

This morning, my devo said:  My strength and power show themselves most effective in your weakness.  That has been so true, yet, it is sad too.  Sad that we don't recognize God's strength and power as much when things are good and rosy.  Sad that I didn't rely on HIM nearly as much on November 4 as I have since November 5.  I'm praying that I can always see His power and strength.  I am thankful though, that He is effective in my weakness!

Today was the first "snow" day (ice actually) of the year.  It was nice to just be home.  We really didn't do much at all - except for shovel slush!  I got a really nice facebook message reminding me that if I needed help, to just call and Jono and Austin (my cousin Robin & Kevin's sons) would be over to help us!  THAT was a sweet surprise - and another of those ways that we feel so LOVED!  We managed it ourselves (with Cody's & my parent's help) this time, but the offer was amazing and that reminder that people ARE still thinking of us!

This evening as I was reading through the chapter for next week's Sunday School lesson in our book "Growing Up Christian" I couldn't help but think of Rick!  The basis of the chapter we will be on was humbleness and humility.  Honestly, Rick had to exemplify those traits more than most people that I know!  It was a great reminder of yet ANOTHER reason why I loved him SO MUCH!  In his life and even in his death, I continue to learn from him!  From his gentle spirit, his unhurried way of living life, his quiet, accepting faith in all that God brought our way, his humbleness . . . all traits that pointed others to CHRIST, and traits that I strive to "live out" better :)!  He who humbles himself will be exalted.  Luke 9:14  He guides the humble in what is right and teaches them His way.  Psalms 25:9  

Another devo today, spoke of the fact that we are "Treasured" by God!  That is another amazing thought.  I can say that I felt treasured by Rick, I treasure my girls and the big kids.  I treasure the grandkids . . . but God treasures ME?  That is such an amazing thought.  But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God's SPECIAL POSSESSION, that you may declare the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His wonderful light. 1 Peter 2:9  That's enough for me to "hang my hat on"!  To be His "special possession"!  Good stuff for this Monday! 

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  1. Yes Sheila, you have said it well. And you, of course, would know him best! That was the Rick I knew for 10 years... Simple yet Strong faith. Oh, that we all would live there!


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