i'm not sure where you live but here in the u.p. it's cold today! as in -6° cold! if I didn't have to go out, i wouldn't! however, life doesn't stop here just because the temperature takes a dive! this morning I'm helping to decorate for a valentine's day potluck at church. we woke up this morning to our furnace not working properly ... it has been giving us problems for a few months now ... praying we get it going soon, and inexpensively! stay warm today and if you're here with my KEEP contest, I hope you'll read again soon!


  1. Stay warm and best of luck to you staying warm bless your heart!

  2. You should just need to comment and be logged into your Google account I believe?! :) I do not have any comment moderation activated! :)

  3. Are you sure you don't want to live on a beach in the Bahamas? :)

    1. Let's go ... my bags can be packed when you get home! :)

  4. Hope it all works out. It is cold enough inside without it being cold inside as well. Bonnie P.


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