"don't blink" he said as i walked into the house and we hugged tightly, no words spoken, because there were no words to say.


from the time they were babies ...

don't blink, your infant will be a toddler
don't blink, your toddler will be a pre-schooler
don't blink, your pre-schooler will be in middle-school
don't blink, your middle-schooler will have her driver's license
don't blink...

life moves faster every year, don't blink.

just yesterday, a friend told me her daughter was turning 9 soon,
"don't blink, I said, my baby has her driver's license" 

within an hour of me saying those words to my friend, they were said to me ...

"don't blink" he said as i walked into the house and we hugged tightly, no words spoken, because there were no words to say.

this time, the admonition was the reminder to hold those you love closely. love those you have, while you still have them. don't blink, because in the blink of an eye, your entire world can change. in the blink of an eye you or me or a loved one can step from this earth into eternity. don't blink and miss the opportunity to love someone.

thankfully we are assured that this loved one has gone on to Glory, and while the "blink" for us means we no longer have their presence on this earth, the "blink" for them meant waking up in Paradise.

i know that when i take my last blink on this earth, the next time i open my eyes, i will be looking into the face of Jesus ... what about you?

today, don't blink, tell someone you love them.
today, don't blink, forgive that grudge you're holding on to.
today, don't blink, be the light in someone's life.
today, don't blink ... life {on earth} is short.

and please, make sure that when your eyes close for the last time here on earth, it really is just a "blink" to an eternity with your Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

*if you are unsure of what this even means, if you don't know you will spend eternity in Heaven or you don't know how to have a relationship with Jesus Christ, please comment below or e-mail me at myjourney139@gmail.com ... i'd love to share with you how He can change your life here on earth, and how you can be guaranteed an eternity with Him in Heaven! it really is the most important decision you'll ever make!

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