on any given day on facebook, i read of

*a young friend who had a stroke

*friends whose child is battling cancer

*a friend going through a divorce

*someone struggling after the death of a loved one

and much, much more that is not posted and shared.

*the spouse who feels unloved

*the child who feels neglected

*the friend who feels left out

*the one who is lonely, afraid, discouraged, depressed and hopeless

friend, if that is you today...


He is the only one that can fill that aching emptiness inside of you!

please know that if you are reading this today, you are here for a reason.

you are loved.

i love you.

Jesus loves you.

and ... you were prayed for today!

i may not know you by name.

i may not know what burden you are facing today that seems overwhelming, but i prayed for you before posting this morning ...

here is my prayer for you,

"dear Lord, you know who You will lead to read this post today. i pray that as they read, they will feel loved by You. i pray that they will know that You alone can fill the deepest, darkest, emptiest part of their soul. i pray that you will allow them to bring their burdens to You and find rest in You alone. i also pray that You, Lord will lead them to someone they can talk to, to share their burden with and to find peace - in the midst of whatever storm they are facing. thank You that You do know every need before it is even spoken and that You are waiting to offer a peace that passes understanding.

hang on to Jesus in the midst of whatever storm you are facing.

He loves you.

and so do i!

p.s. ... if you are currently not in the midst of a storm, look for someone who is. who can you reach out to today? who can you love? who can you show Jesus to? pray that He will lead you to that person, and that you can offer the hope they so desperately need.  remember, we never know the pain someone is hiding behind a smile!

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