have you ever heard those words?

i have.

and they are true.

i'm probably pretty much your "textbook" first born, type "a" personality.

to be classified in one of the 4 "personality types" i most relate to 


In a nutshell...

Sanguine people are boisterous, bubbly, chatty, openly emotional, social extroverts.

 yep, that's pretty much me.  
and and in most circumstances, that is not a bad thing.
however, sometimes in interpersonal relationships, it's a huge downfall.  
because i can tend to be boisterous, chatty, openly emotional and extroverted i can sometimes be too much for others and i let my emotions take over rational thought {have you ever done that?}.  
if someone else is not {in my eyes} equally as boisterous, chatty, emotional and extroverted as i, automatically i think there has to be something wrong ... and i'm quick to question it {and want to fix it}.  i'm not the best at accepting that others may just naturally be a bit more subdued than i and i {often} take it personally if they don't respond to me in the way i "think" they should.


i once had a disagreement with a co-worker and we were both called into the bosses office {ouch} where we were asked to state what was wrong from our own perspective. after it was all out on the table, the boss asked us to move on ... i said o.k. and left the meeting. my co-worker on the other hand took a few days to "come around" and i couldn't figure out why!

my boss stated after that day that i "bounced back - just like a rubber band" ... and i think that's {usually} a good thing!  however, it can be a detriment when dealing with others who don't always "bounce-back" as quickly.  

i'm learning {slowly} that i can't make someone like me, or love me, or see things my way all the time. i'm realizing that my boisterous, chatty, openly emotional and extroverted ways can get me in hot water because sometimes i don't have a good filter and i forget to ask God to put a guard over my lips! just because i feel it or think it doesn't necessarily mean i have to speak it!

i know that this has caused conflict with those that i love {parents, husband, children, friends, co-workers ...}, and i'm working on it ... and some days i do better than others!

i do need to learn to 


and to remember not to 


but, oh, somedays it is a struggle!  i'm a "fixer" on top of all those other things so i want loves, and lives and relationships fixed


and i often forget to remember {as carrie underwood's song goes} that i'm NOT in charge and that i need to let


i need to just.relax

and to 


so, if i've ever offended you with my boisterous, chatty, openly emotional and extroverted self, i do apologize. 

i'd humbly ask that you pray for and with me that i allow JESUS to lead and not want to always be the leader ... i'd ask you to help me grow in Him and to love my parents, husband, children, friends, co-workers ... better as i {slowly} learn to 




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