he said " _______________________ " {fill in the blank with whatever you want}

i heard " _______________________ " {again, fill in the blank with whatever you want} 

does this ever happen in your house? it does in mine! it did yesterday!

he said, "did you replace the furnace filter?"

i {heard} "you n.e.v.e.r. do anything right" {maybe i over-reacted a little?}

he left for work {oblivious to my {errant} thought pattern!}

i stayed home.

and stewed.

"he doesn't love me"

"i never do anything right"

"he doesn't even care about all of the things that i DO take care of"

"why can't he just compliment me on s.o.m.e.t.h.i.n.g."




yep. pray. yep, it's last on the list. why is it the last, not the first? 

well, it wasn't the last, there were little prayers thrown heavenward throughout my {not-so} nice little dialog with myself, but they weren't really sincere.

i did get lots of cleaning done {i clean when i'm stewing} so i guess a bit of good came from it!

he came home. smiling. gave me a kiss. sat down to supper. like.nothing.was.wrong.!!!!!

really? really? really?


so i did all that cleaning for nothing?!

sometimes, marriage is messy.

sometimes we wonder WHAT we got ourselves into.

sometimes, marriage is blissful.

sometimes we are on TOP of the world and it seems life can't possibly get any better than t.h.i.s.!

usually, it's somewhere in-between.

usually, it's the day-to-day, go to work, pay the bills, do the laundry, fix the meals, shovel the snow {or mow the lawn}, love, encourage and support each other kind of day.

so, on those blissful days, remember life isn't perfect {we live in a fallen world} but enjoy the bliss that God sprinkles down on you. on those messy days {we live in a fallen world} remember the blissful days and remind yourself that "this too shall pass". and on those other days, the "normal" days, be thankful for the blissful, and the messy ... because each of them teach us to live and laugh and love and appreciate what we have, who we are, who our spouse is and the true gift that marriage really is!  

today, whether it is blissful, messy or somewhere in between, tell your spouse how much you love them and how much they really mean to you ... you're not promised tomorrow ... make the MOST of today!

p.s. i love you rick ... thanks for putting up with my "messy" days! ♥

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