Be still in the Light of My Presence, while I communicate Love to you  . . .  there is no force in the universe as powerful as My Love.  You are constantly aware of limitations:  your own and others' . . . there is NO LIMIT to My Love; it fills all of space, time and eternity . . . the knowledge of My loving Presence is sufficient to carry you through each day!   "Jesus Calling" 

"...to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ, and to know this love that surpasses knowledge - that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God."  Ephesians 3:19

Amazing thoughts and verses.  And good reminders for me.  I'm NOT GOOD at "being still".  I am not a good "waiter" (the last couple weeks of pregnancy were TORTURE!!)  I want what I want, I want it NOW and I want it MY WAY! 

But, God tells me to BE STILL.
That's it.
Four simple words.

Be still in the LIGHT of His presence . . . so He can COMMUNICATE with me . . . so He can communicate His LOVE to me.  His LOVE that has NO LIMIT and the knowledge of that is sufficient to carry me through EACH DAY!

I'm learning.
I'm (a little) slower to anger.
I'm trying to be honest AND loving in sharing my feelings.
I'm working on BEING STILL!

Today after school, I went to a "visitation" for a young man named Ben (who passed WAY TOO SOON in human terms -  he was only 22 years old).  Visiting the grieving is never an easy thing to do.  Never something we want to do.  But, something that life (and death) calls us to do.  I didn't know Ben personally, but I graduated with his step-dad, Dave and Ben's sister, Brook is Tessa's classmate.  It is very different experiencing this setting after having walked that road.  When you greet the family, you can truly say "I know" (though I FULLY realize that nobody EVER fully knows - EACH grief journey is individual to the families, friends and loved ones travelling this new, unplanned road).  I was touched earlier this week when Dave told me that they wanted to celebrate Ben's life tonight - like we had celebrated Rick's!  Rick would have liked that!  That was kind of rambling, and didn't have much of a "point", except that, I'm so thankful that God granted me peace in going, and I pray that I will be an encouragement to the family.

I rode to the church with a childhood friend (I babysat for her and her sisters - starting when I was 12 years old) and teacher at our school.  Lisa is such a SWEETHEART!  Kajsa LOVED having her for a teacher.  Lisa told me that she reads here every night - and if I don't post, she checks in each morning . . . oh, my, now the pressure is on!!  Just kidding!  It was really nice riding with and talking to Lisa.  It is nice to know that people are reading, but not only that they are reading, but through my ramblings, through my love for the Lord, through Rick's life, and yes, even in his death, God is speaking.  People are "moved".  God is "moving".  Yes, I started "journaling" here as therapy of sorts for myself.  However, as I journal here before, I pray that I will write what God wants written.  That people read beyond my grammatical errors, my mis-spellings, and my rambling to "hear" my heart, to "hear" of my LORD, to hear of the LORD that Rick did love with all his heart, soul and mind!  I pray that readers will BE STILL and KNOW that

Tomorrow, the girls and I are going skiing!  I'm looking forward to a day with them.  The weather looks beautiful ☼ and we got coupons for discounted lift tickets.  We are doing something as a "family"  . . .   as our newly formed family.  A family with a huge hole in it, but a "family", still loving, still holding tight to God, still holding on to each other, still navigating this "Grief Road" on OUR JOURNEY TO A "NEW" NORMAL.  

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