...and, ultimately, THAT would be what I pray would come of this "test" that is now a part of my every day . . . that God WILL use it for HIS glory and I will be a TESTIMONY for him.

Today, a student returned to school after losing her 22 year old brother over the weekend.  She is in Tessa's grade and they ran cross-country together through their high school years.  Her dad and I graduated together.  When she got to school, we held each other and I told her "I know" . . . I don't "know" her exact pain - it's different for each and every person, yet, I do "know" more than many others do . . . please pray for Brook and her family through the rest of this difficult week . . . services will be held on Friday.

After school/work today, I went to the Town Hall to set up for the election next week and "test" the equipment.  The last election I set up for was held November 8.  I wasn't there.  I was at the funeral home that day.  The last election I set up for, Rick surprised me at the hall and helped me set up.  Another "bittersweet" day - even in setting up for an election, another reminder of the crazy changes that have taken place.  Yet, God is the same yesterday (or many yesterday's ago, like the day I set up the last election), TODAY (that one's obvious, He makes His presence KNOWN every day) and TOMOROW . . . So I don't have to fear tomorrow, because HE IS ALREADY THERE!

"Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you!"  1 Peter 5:7

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