It is good to praise the LORD and make music to your name, O most high, proclaiming your love in the morning, and your faithfulness at night.
Psalm 92:1 & 2.

What beautiful verses, proclaiming your LOVE in the morning and your FAITHFULNESS at night!  That is what we do each day - as the LORD carries us!

This morning brought the WONDERFUL NEWS that Luanne's surgery went well last night, she was still quite groggy, having a little trouble "waking up", but her sugars are doing well!  PRAISE THE LORD!  I KNOW that she had her VERY OWN angel keeping watch over her and the doctors and nurses last night and I'm so glad to hear good reports today!

This morning found us up early and on the road at 7:32 just as we planned (we were shooting for 7:30, so for us, 7:32 is PRETTY GOOD - we seem to run late more often than not!).  We made it to Chicago in just over 5 hours and that included a couple of stops, in Marinette, Green Bay and then at the Lake Forest Oasis!  THANK GOODNESS I had been down here in June and PAID ATTENTION - not only to the driving, but to the boat tour we took as the GPS decided not to work right when the "express" lanes were closed and we had to "re-route"!!  I knew we were going past our hotel on the expressway, but took the exit that the GPS said, and then I followed my instincts from there, and we drove right to the hotel!! :)   Just a BIT more traffic than we are accustomed to driving in, but we arrived all in one piece! :)  Our room was ready for us early, so we toted all our bags up (22nd floor), settled in a bit and then took off to explore Michigan Avenue!  We didn't make many purchases - it was a little overwhelming - we will go back tomorrow or Thursday morning!  After several hours of wandering, we came back to the hotel (EXHAUSTED) and ordered Chicago Deep Dish pizza from Giordono's (and should have ordered a SMALL even though it said it would only serve 1-2 people!).  We are all EXHAUSTED, watching Monte Carlo and ready for bed - already - at 6:15 p.m.!!  :)  Tomorrow, our only "for sure" is the Shedd Aquarium, the rest of the day, we will play by ear  -  which is really the BEST kind of vacation!  We have enjoyed each other's company and I think it was a good decision to get away and do something fun!! 
I LOVE THESE GIRLS SO MUCH and will forever be thankful that God blessed me and Rick with them.  I certainly wish Rick was with here with us, and would be here for years to come to help in raising them, but, I will continue to TRUST that the Lord has a plan for all of our lives, and in honoring Rick's life and memory, I will, with God's help do the best that I can! 

This is the view after dark from our hotel window.  I'm a country girl at heart, but it's sure fun to see a view like this once in awhile - it is quite "magical"! 

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