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... well, it's way, way past my bed time, yet, here I am again, feeling like I need to share a little to complete my day - I guess it's become therapy to be able to share my thoughts - even if nobody ever reads them, it's good to put them down and reflect on them!

When I woke up this morning, I took a quick peek at the new e-mails on my phone - there was the usual one from Proverbs 31 Ministries, and this one was titled "When Christmas is Hard" (the link to it is HERE).  I knew I needed to hit the ground running as I was going in a little early to work so I could leave a little early this afternoon, so I decided to read it a little later.  When I got ready for work and grabbed my phone to dash out the door, I checked the text message that I had received.  It was from my dear friend, Marlo, and it read "This was my devotional today ...love you!!" with the link to, you guessed it, the P31 devo!  Nice to be reminded early on a rushed morning that friends are thinking of us and loving us ♥

I did finally have the time to read the devo and it was so beautifully written and had some wonderful suggestions.  It also had a link to another blog, written by a woman who lost her husband this past year.  This author had some GREAT truths, that I am in total agreement with! She wrote (in part):

I share this story to declare with absolute confidence that:
My God is still in control.
He still sits on the throne.
He is still abundantly good.
Without Him, I am nothing.
Without Him, I could not walk "Grief Road".
But, with Him, I can do all things.
With Him, I can do hard.

How beautifully said!  Her blog is HERE!  I obviously don't know her, but would love to meet her someday!

After work, we ran to town as I needed the E.R. report to send in with an insurance claim.  We had gone to the hospital the week after Rick's accident to see Pastor Dave.  He was actually being seen in the E.R. and we walked in and visited and walked out and it didn't really "phase" me.  Today, though, I think some of the "numbness" has worn off and I felt all "jittery" as we walked in (through different doors and to a totally different part of the hospital).  The Lord (and Taya) was with me though, and we survived yet another difficult situation.  We got to stop and say hi and give a hug to our dear assistant Pastor's wife, Renee who works at the hospital, which was a good ending to the quick stop at the hospital.

At one point, my phone gave me a reminder that I had a new message.  When I checked it, there was a Facebook message from Tessa's dear friend Claire, linking to a devotional that she had read, and thought of us . . . yep, you got it, the P31 devo from today!  (hhhmmmm, I see a trend again . . . God's love, friends, support, prayers . . . ♥)

We followed that with a quick (sort of) run to Wal-mart and the mall, then to KFC, Family Video, gas & a car wash and then home . . .  I share these mundane details because such "normal" things feel so good these days!  We brought a Christmas movie home, Daisy came to spend the night with Kajsa, and here we are, at the end of another day.

Each day has so much more that I just don't have time to put into writing.  Each day I am again and again reminded of HOW MUCH we are loved by our Lord.  Each day I am so encouraged by the strength that HE gives me to face the challenges of that day.  Each day I am reminded of the love of friends and family near and far (texts from my brother -in- law from Georgia, and e-mail from my sister -in- law downstate, a forward of an e-mail from my aunt & uncle in California, another from some people from Germany who I don't even know - but who Tim was working with on November 5!!).  Each day we cherish every memory we have of Rick.  Each day we miss his tender spirit here with us.  Each day we are so thankful for the promises in scripture that we WILL meet again some day.  Each day, God gives grace for the moment.  So that each night, I CAN lay down and rest trusting in HIM to care for us!

"I will turn their mourning into gladness; I will give them comfort and joy instead of sorrow".  Jeremiah 31:13

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  1. I was amazed when we saw all of you at the ER that night!!! That was NOT a place I thought you would want to be, BUT God's grace is sufficient! You said it better than I could have! Love you, girlfriend!


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