I will trust in YOUR unfailing love!

...another short post tonight . . . we are at our good friends, the Dempsey's in Appleton.  Today is Cody's 18th Birthday and we ended our little vacation helping him celebrate.  Tomorrow, we will finish up Christmas shopping (the girls, not me-I'm DONE!), get our Christmas Eve groceries and head home! 

It has been a good week, we've had some {lots} of laughs (Kajsa, did you just push the "up" button? ... as we are standing OUTSIDE the elevator with ALL of our going home luggage and she is INSIDE with all her going home luggage and the doors close - and YES we needed to go DOWN, not up - the look on K's face was PRICELESS as those doors shut!  I was wondering how far up she'd go, but luckily, she didn't push any buttons so when she pushed the "door open" button, they opened right up, we all got on and went DOWN one floor to find our waiting vehicle!).  It's also "odd", we have gone "away alone"" like this before, but this time, we will be coming home "alone" as well . . . it's an odd feeling, one that I'm not really liking "getting used to".  I'm thankful though, that the Lord is carrying us through each and every day and we are NEVER truly alone.  I'm so glad that HE promises to be our EVERYTHING as long as we remember to lean on him!  "Still I will trust in your unfailing love and my heart will choose to rejoice in Your salvation"  Psalm 13:5  Daily.  Daily I have to TRUST.  Daily.  Daily I have to CHOOSE.  To CHOOSE to REJOICE.  To CHOOSE to rejoice in HIS salvation.  To CHOOSE to BELIEVE that He knows the plans He has for me {us}.  Plans for a future and a HOPE (Jeremiah 29:11).

It's hard.  It's strange.  It still doesn't seem "real".  It's "sobering".  It's scary.  It's SAD.  Though I DO trust in EVERY TRUTH that the LORD has laid on my heart these last {almost} 7 weeks, the other truth remains, I'm SAD.  My best friend is not here to share the excitement of Christmas with me.  My best friend isn't a phone call away.  My best friend isn't here, by my side helping to raise OUR girls.  But, in truth, my "BEST" friend, really is the LORD.  HE loves me even more than Rick ever did.  HE IS here, every day.  HE is by my side, helping to raise the girls, and HE has allowed me all the wonderful memories that I have from my {in my mind too short} time with Rick.  HE brings a smile to my face even when I don't feel like it.  HE gives me STRENGTH to carry on.  Today, I was reminded of the song Rick and I had played at our wedding, the chorus went like this:

It's not that I love you less than best,
For each day I love you more and more,
But there can only be one first place in my heart,
And you know who that's for,
My Lord, my Lord, my Lord.

Jesus is number one in my life,
So second place will have to do for you,
But I'm counting on spending the rest of my life,
In LOVE with the two of you!

Of course, I had planned that "the rest of my life" was going to be alot longer than this, but if I HONESTLY mean that FIRST PLACE in my heart is the LORD, then I have to TRUST that HIS plan for me is right on track, and HE will continue to lead and direct!

So, tonight as we settle in, with the girls over-tired and giggling, hugging me and kissing me goodnight and telling me that they LOVE me, I WILL REST in His promises and TRUST in his goodness for each of my tomorrows!

As Mary, the mother of Jesus from the blessed Christmas story, I too "...will believe what the LORD has said to her will be accomplished."! Luke 1:45

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