I am leading you along a way that is uniquely right for you . . . .

"I am leading you along a way that is uniquely right for you. . . Marvel at the beauty of a life intertwined with My Presence.  Rejoice as we journey together in intimate communion. . ."

That was the thought I woke up to in my devotional this morning - after another good, sound night sleep, even in an "empty" house!  

John 15:4 "Abide in Me and I in you."

CONSTANT reminders from God . . . reminders to ABIDE in HIM and He WILL abide in and with me.  HE will lead me along a way that is UNIQUELY right for ME!  Rejoice as we journey together in intimate communion (Abide in Me and I in you)!

Each day, I learn to "lean" a little more.  And each day, I am given just the reminders that I need that God is always near - as near as my next breath.  

Today was another day filled with blessings.

The blessing of a really good night's sleep!

The blessing of a job to go to (even though I grumbled about having to go in during "vacation")!

The blessing of Lake Lundgren Bible Camp!

The blessing of picking up my girls from Lake Lundgren Bible Camp!

The blessing of the girls and their friends being home and enjoying each other's company!

The blessing of phone calls and texts and facebook messages from friends!

The blessing of my "baby girl" snoring softly next to me as I type!

The blessing of the Lord's nearness - every moment of every day!

The blessing of KNOWING.  Knowing where Rick is today.  Knowing that we WILL be reunited some glorious day.  Knowing that NOTHING surprises God.  Knowing that HE has carried us for 8 weeks now.  Knowing that He will continue to carry us in the days ahead.  Knowing that SO MANY people love and are still praying for us!  Knowing that as a New Year is on the horizon God is already there!  Knowing that He is behind, before, above, below . . . Knowing that HE IS THERE - always!

I PROMISED myself that I'd get to bed EARLIER tonight, and here I am, still blogging and messaging someone on Facebook (!) . . . so, on this "New Year's Adam", I'm going to get going so I'm ready to stay up to greet 2012 (? - maybe I'll make it - midnight IS past my bedtime - especially with having to get back into REAL life next week!).  And, as I greet this New Year, I will do so with the anticipation that each New Year brings.  This one will certainly be different than I ever expected it to be, but I believe that if I keep my mind stayed on Him, and TRUST Him for every tomorrow, He will bring blessings in the New Year that I never expected.  HE will carry us through with His tender loving care and His mercies that are new every morning!

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