Don't ever fear tomorrow....God is ALREADY there!

....isn't THAT a GREAT thought?  Reminds me of the song that has the line "There are things about tomorrow that I don't seem to understand, but I know WHO holds tomorrow and I know WHO holds my hand"!

The "title" of tonight's post was actually "stolen" from the Facebook status of a VERY WISE young man (Thanks Beau!).  Amazing, though, how GOD always puts JUST WHAT WE NEED out there, JUST WHEN WE NEED IT - even using Facebook as a tool!  

Tonight, I "chatted" with Nick on Facebook and told him that I KNOW that even if Rick "could" come back, there is no way that he would WANT to, now that he has tasted Heaven's glories! Our sadness is really only selfishness on our part - what Rick has in Heaven DOES NOT COMPARE to what we have here. That still does not change the sadness that sometimes surrounds us for all we feel he is "missing" here and all that we are missing him being a part of.  Selfishly, I WANT HIM HERE WITH ME (us)!  But, again, I have to CHOOSE to TRUST that the LORD's plans for my life are beyond my scope of comprehension.  HE is with me each day and HE will lead and guide.  I don't HAVE to understand (which is HARD for me - it means it's something that I can't "control"), I just have to TRUST that God's ways are higher than mine, and that HIS love for me is never-ending.

Last night, I posted kind of quickly because it was late and I was tired, but my thoughts were so much on the sermon that Pastor Fred preached that morning.  It was just amazing because PEACE is something that is so elusive to so many.  And SO MANY cannot understand peace - especially in the midst of a storm like we are in the midst of.  I have TRIED to explain it to people, and they JUST DON'T GET IT!  That's where Matthew 14:27 just jumped out at me, NOT AS THE WORLD gives . . . so, anyone who does not truly KNOW the Lord CANNOT have this peace.  They can't understand this peace.  They can't "get it", until they "get HIM"!  And that is my prayer for anyone who is just not "getting it", please, look to the Lord, trust in Him TODAY, make him the Lord of your life.  Open your heart to Him and accept his free gift of salvation.  Make 2012 THE YEAR that your life changes!  Make it the year that you can KNOW peace!  Make it the year that you DON'T fear tomorrow, because GOD is already there! 

Today was an interesting day.  It was really one of the first days since November 5 that I didn't have anything "particular" that HAD to be done.  Up until this point, I had to keep on "doing".  First it was the details of Rick's memorial celebration, then the details of insurance matters (some of which are still on-going), then getting through going back to work/school, then my birthday/then the little girls & Ashley's birthdays & Thanksgiving, then Christmas preparations and finally Christmas . . . and then TODAY.  BAM . . . it's over.  All the "firsts" that were so pressing have come . . . and gone.  So, now what?  This is our "new normal".  This is our new "forever" (as long as our days on earth last).  

I was SO THANKFUL when I read the devotional over at Proverbs 31 this morning . . . "But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up on wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint."  Isaiah 40:31.  I have always loved this verse, but hadn't really related it to this current phase of life.  This devo (click on the "Proverbs 31" above to link to the entire post) reminded me that "It's not our strength that causes us to soar, but HE lifts us up out of the weary places and makes us soar"!  Good truths, and so good to be reminded of them.  The devo ended with this prayer:  Dear Father, I’m tired and I cannot do this on my own. Today I take my eyes off of what I cannot do and I place my focus on You. On Your promises. On Your Word. Lift my wings with Your strength and help me fly again. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.   This is a prayer that needs to be prayed DAILY - sometimes hourly or even moment by moment!  I do completely trust that HE will help me "fly again", as long as I keep my focus on HIM!

Today also brought about some VERY GOOD NEWS . . . Rick's sister, Luanne will be coming HOME tomorrow!  I'm still in awe of how God works.  How we, as Rick's family, have been the "givers" and the "receivers" all within such a short period of time.  As I pray for Luanne and her recovery process, I also pray for the family who made this gift possible.  A family whose "first" Christmas without their loved one happened just days after their loved one passed away.  The whole process takes on a whole new meaning when you have experienced both sides of it.  I pray that the family feels comfort as we do - from the Lord.  I pray that they will realize what a gift they have given (not to just Luanne, but probably many others).  I pray that the God of Peace will reign in their lives.  I am thankful to them that they made this possible for Luanne.  

So, again tonight, as I am snuggling in bed with Kajzi Jo, listening to the sounds of the "big" girls and their friends in the living room, I am THANKFUL.  Thankful that God is always with us.  Thankful that I don't have to fear tomorrow, HE is already there.  Thankful that we had a "good" Christmas in spite of the sadness that we also felt.  Thankful that Ashley & Brian and Nick & Ashley were able to be with us for Christmas.  Thankful for Presten, Daila, Ty, Maddie & Lila - these precious little people who are a "part" of Rick . . . these little ones who the girls and I LOVE SO MUCH (as well as their mommies & daddies).  Thankful for my "big" kids and the fact that we can be here for each other.  Thankful for the 3 girls that Rick & I were blessed with.  Thankful for the love of friends & family (& plates of treats that are delivered "just because", the texts and facebook messages reminding us that others are still thinking of us, and praying for us)!  Thankful that I don't have to "soar" on my own, but I can let HIM be my strength!  Thankful that HIS mercies are NEW every morning!  Thankful that even though sometimes I take my eyes off of HIM, HE never takes HIS eyes off of me!

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