....in all your ways acknowledge HIM, and He will direct your path . . .

Last night I wrote about "Immanuel", God with us.  This morning, as I opened my devo, the first couple of lines read, "Rest in Me, My child, forgetting about the worries of the world.  Focus on Me - Immanuel-and let My living Presence envelop you in Peace."

So, last night I went to sleep, RESTING in Immanuel, and FIRST thing this morning, BEFORE my feet hit the floor, I was reminded of this same truth!  God is pretty amazing!  I also read my e-mail devo from Proverbs 31.  The OPENING verse was, "Therefore the Lord Himself will give you a sign: The virgin will conceive and will give birth to a son and will call Him Immanuel"  Isaiah 7:14.  I am so thankful that EVERY SINGLE DETAIL of my life has been ordered by Him from the beginning of time.  One of the "Power Verses" at the end of the P31 devotional was Psalm 55:22:   "Turn your burdens over to the Lord, and He will take care of you.  Amazing!  We are PROOF of that promise.  Each day, each hour, sometimes even each minute, I find myself turning my burdens over to the Lord . . . and time and time again, I feel HIM taking care of me.  From the littlest details, to the big ones.  All of the details, burdens, worries, cares, concerns, fears . . . they are all taken care of when I turn them over to HIM and let HIM take care of me (us).

Sometimes, it's just totally a "God Thing".  An answer to a prayer that can only be pointed RIGHT BACK to HIM.  Sometimes, though, it's more subtle.  The hug from a friend today at work who I haven't seen in awhile.  The text from a friend, who is helping me out with some "details" that are still not taken care of, the Facebook comment from my dear, sweet sister-in-law, the Christmas cards in the mail - promising LOVE and PRAYERS for us, another text from another sister-in-law, a sweet note from a Facebook friend, the sweet gift from my "cyber-friend" that she created just for us (picture to come!) . . . and on and on . . . each day, each hour, each minute, all those reminders and more - Immanuel! :) 

As you see us day by day, know that we appreciate all the love that you are showering on us!  We are truly BLESSED by all of you, by this wonderful community and beyond.  When you see us, don't worry that you will say the "wrong" thing (unless you are telling me that I need to eat - I PROMISE that I am, but, sometimes that type of "order" is easier said than done . . . I appreciate the concern, but please trust, I AM taking care of myself as best I can - I have 3 beautiful girls to take care of!) . . . don't worry about giving a hug - those are so very welcome!  Don't avoid talking about Rick.  He will ALWAYS be a part of us, he will always be a vital part of our family, we always love to hear your wonderful memories of him.  Don't give us a "pat on the back" for our strength, we appreciate that you admire our "strength", but we are fully aware that this strength is not of our own doing, but from the Lord.  Do expect that we (like everyone else) will have good days and bad days.  Do know that we LOVE Rick with all our hearts.  Do know that we miss him, more and more each day.  Do know that if we could change this "path", we would.  Do know that we are . . . "Trusting in the Lord in all our ways and HE is directing our "path" .  This path to a "new normal".

So today, we had another "normal" day.  Shortened bell schedule at school (yeah!).  Another day down before Christmas vacation (only 2 more left!).  Another day closer to our trip to Chicago next week.  A chance to buy some Christmas presents for a little girl we don't know, but can't wait to meet (a new family moving in to the area).  A stop at Goodwill and McDonalds (where the poor girl could NOT get our order right!)   A "special" Town Board Meeting that we had to schedule to take care of some "new" business.  Crawling in bed fairly early (not feeling real good - battling a cold, sore throat and achey body).  "Doing" life again today.  Doing life in a new and different way.  Doing life as best we can.  Learning as we go.  Finding our way through the sometimes "muddy waters", But, "doing".  Moving forward.  Honoring Rick's memory.  Preserving his memory and what he meant to us.  Trusting in HIM to direct these new paths.

"When you call on Me, when you come and pray to Me, I will listen."  Jeremiah 29:12

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