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puzzle pieces

Life. Death. Contentment. Dis-contentment. Heavy Sadness. Questioning. Confusion. Anger.
Grace, Joy, Peace, Understanding, Love, Friendships, Growth . . . 
SOME of these emotions that have bounced around in my brain and on through my heart in the last {almost} 10 months.  Those and SO MANY others . . .  through them ALL, God's love has been sufficient.  He has been faithful to be my ALL in ALL, my strength when I am weak.  HE has sent me just the people that I need just when I need them . . . And I'm shown HIM through THEM!  I've learned MUCH about myself and MUCH about God through this journey.  I HAVE learned that even though sometimes the road is rough and rocky and twisty and turney and DARK . . . HE is there.  He is in my tomorrow and HE never leaves and never forsakes.  And yes, He does send us who we need, when we need them! 
There were SO MANY details that had to be "taken care" of after Rick died . . . SO much paperwork, so many phone calls, more paperwork.  Burial…

Happy Birthday Bud! ♥

August 18. . . .
Certain days have certain meaning . . .
Certain days will always have certain meaning . . .
As August 17 became August 18 during my shift at work last night I changed from entering the date as 8/17/12 to 8/18/12 . . . 
However, I found myself wanting to write 8/18/56.  
Yes, 1956. 
It’s the date I’ve filled in countless times in the past 20 years.  
It’s the date of Rickey’s Birthday.  
Rickey would have been 56 years old. 
Last year, we teased him that he was the “speed limit” . . . NEVER thinking he’d “forever” be the “speed limit” to us.  A year ago, we were eating a Birthday cake that Tessa had helped decorate at her job at Mum’s Flour Company . . . didn’t she do a good job??!!

Today we won’t be celebrating with Rickey here on earth,

God still moves! :)

Lately, this describes me to a "T"! :) Proof is in the fact that it is 1:25 a.m. and I'm on the couch, blogging! :)   This after 4 hours of sleep last night . . . and not much more than 5 in any given night the last month or so . . . yet, I'm not feeling it!! 
I've been exercising better (not running every day - lifting weights - doing different things), I've been eating MUCH better (not starving myself) and have not had a Diet Dew (or ANY soda!) for a MONTH.   I've also had very little sugar (treats on the weekends only) and LOTS of fruits, veggies, proteins and WATER!!  I've learned that I like most veggies, avacados, protein shakes, pizza (on Saturday to raise my "leptin" - google it!) and coffee (yes, coffee!)!
I've just completed my fourth week at my new job, and with this week came the notice that I had been awarded a position that I applied for with MORE hours (70% is the classification - which averages 7 days in 2 weeks!).  It is the…

...9 months ...

"Hold My hand, and walk joyously with Me through this day . . . together we will savor the pleasures and endure the difficulties it brings . . . be on the lookout for everything I have prepared for you . . . I am your guide , as well as your constant companion . . . I know every step of the journey ahead of you, all the way to Heaven!
~ Jesus Calling Devotional

As I type this, it is 12:16 a.m. on August 5, 2012.
9 months.
To anyone who is a parent, 9 months is typically a joyous countdown!  The culmination of 9 months of excitement and planning and waiting and wondering and worrying is coming to an end.  9 months results in the joyous arrival of a new addition to the family.  
This 9 months is not that type of joyous celebration - for us, but for Rickey, it is.  It marks 9 months of living in the very presence of Jesus . . . seeing, tasting, feeling, experiencing the eternal joys of Heaven!  I am reading a book right now called "The Color of Rain".  In it, a husband is dying…