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rick & I just spent 2 days at a pretty intense training for some seriously serious businessmen and women!
for the most part, i felt totally out of their league if i'm being totally honest!
i asked rick as we drove home yesterday who his favorite speaker was and he, like me couldn't name just one!
well, i liked what ed o'keefe said about this, and ed clay, well he is just amazing, and jesse, well wow, jesse! and then there was rome, oh and vinnie, and yemeni .... oh, too many to remember and way too hard to pick a favorite!
although i felt a little out of place, i did take away many, many good bits of information and though much of the content was aimed at marketing and entrepreneurship and i'm not sure how or if i'll put most of what was shared into practice in my business, there was a common thread which i loved  ...
be grateful
build your tribe
family is the most important thing you have
be grateful
you become like the 20 people you hang around with most - c…


confession ...
i'm sitting here at my computer, hands poised ready to type but i can't see for the tears blurring my vision.
confession ...
i'm crying over a person i really don't know.
over what seems so unfair to my human mind.
i got a text this morning {which to preserve privacy i'm going to change important details} which read ...
"don't know if you saw on facebook but *E* died this past weekend after a battle with cancer. *E* had a spouse and a 5 year old child. *E* was a believer, but i know you know how their spouse who is still here feels.".
i don't really know *E* but that doesn't matter, in an instant *E's* spouse and i have a connection ... we've joined the ranks of the one relationship that God has ordained to last "til death do us part" ... parents grow old {usually} and die ... sometimes, sadly parents outlive their children and children die ... or children do as is the *natural* order of l…