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.... more "new" in our normal ...

aaahhhh . . . yet ANOTHER favorite verse . . . 
Yet, when your world crashes down around you, seeking and SEEING His will sometimes become a bit harder to do.  Yet, I have tried my best to do that over the past 8+ months.
And here I am today.  Friday.  I just finished up my first week at my NEW JOB!  And I'm grinning  from ear to ear!  I am still totally lost.  I'm feeling really old as I try to learn SO MANY new things, but still, I'm GRINNING! :)  I'm working at the same place as one of my DEAREST friends, Renee.  I know SO MANY other people who work there (more about THAT in a minute).  I had orientation on Monday & Tuesday and the CEO and others in upper management had lunch with us on Tuesday.  They came in and sat down with us and asked us about US!  There were a number of us in orientation, and we went around the table telling a little about ourselves.  There are, I think 700+ employees - and they took the time out of their busy day to have lunch with us.  I w…

. . . alone . . .?

I've been asked a couple of times how I'm doing this week with the house ALL TO MYSELF . . . and the answer honestly is GREAT! :)
It's actually much better than I thought it would be!
As I was running to church tonight, I realized that it's the first time in 18 years that I'm really not responsible for anyone (temporarily)!  It's a strange feeling, but as much as I loved Rickey and I LOVE my girls, it's a nice feeling too.  I'm alone and I'm o.k.
God is good!
Thanks to all who have asked and been concerned, thanks to all who have prayed that I'd be o.k. - your love, concern and prayers are AWESOME!  
God is using this week to show me that "alone" is o.k.  I've accomplished NOTHING . . . the girls would be shocked at the mess everywhere (usually I'm the one scolding them to clean up/straighten up)!  It will all be picked up before they get home . . . ssshhhh, they'll never know!!
Tomorrow, I'll go out and see the girls to wish…

... don't sweat it ...

Easier said than done isn't it?

At least it is for me.

I usually sweat the small stuff, the big stuff and the in between stuff!

I KNOW that I shouldn't be "sweating" these things, but I'm a "first-born"!
As a "first-born": I like to be in control.I like to KNOW what's going on.I like to take charge.I don't really like surprises.I am not very patient - I want things "yesterday".God is working on me.  I don't sweat the "small" stuff as much as I used to.  I'm learning that HE is control, I AM NOT.  I'm learning that He is in my tomorrow, I don't have to know what it holds until I get there.  I'm learning that I am not in charge.  I'm learning that surprises are o.k. . . . I really don't want/need to know the future (I'd NOT have wanted to know on November 4 what November 5 was going to hold . . . ).  I'm getting to be a little more patient - waiting on God's timing.  These are all a …
Oh, why can't we live this out in our day to day lives?   How much sweeter life would be . . . 

a glorious adventure . . .

That blue line is the route we traveled over the last 2 weeks!  According to MapQuest, it was just over 2,700 miles and 46 hours!  We were pretty much TOGETHER 24/7 for that entire time - sharing sleeping quarters, meals and activities, not to mention 46 hours in the car!  AND . . . we still like each other!!  In fact, 2 are even sleeping in my room tonight and did last night as well!  
We are all unloaded, unpacked and ALL laundry is done . . . including some extra bedding as all 3 girls will be leaving for Bible Camp this week!  Taya & Kajsa were scheduled to go and on Thursday, Tessa got a call asking if she could fill in as they are short a counselor!  They will all be going to the same PLACE, but will all be at different "camps"!  Tessa will be counseling Jr. High girls, Kajsa is going to SEEDS a pre-teen girls program, and Taya is attending Leadership Development Camp (LDC).  I'm so glad that Bible camp has been part of their summers for so many years!
I have lea…

That's for sure!

Happy Independence Day . . . and with God's grace, and through the truths in His Word, we have survived another FIRST . . . 
"And you will know the TRUTH and the TRUTH will make you free."  John 8:32
We had a good day of relaxing and packing up followed by home-made ice-cream (YUM), steaks on the grill and cheesy potatoes, a pontoon boat ride (with the Lake neighbors) to see the local fireworks, followed by Taya falling IN the lake off the neighbor's dock - but never fear - she fell holding her hand in the air, thus SAVING her call phone!! :)  We then set off lanterns (just like in the movie Tangled), had some MORE ice-cream and are now ready for bed. 
Tomorrow we head home - and (I'm pretty sure), we all still like each other - even after almost 2 weeks of 24/7 togetherness - we've shared a ROOM the entire vacation as well as many hours in the car!!  God truly did bless us when He allowed us to be the parents of these girls!
JESUS CALLING today . . . "When …