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Have you ever cried yourself to sleep, holding your pillow in the dark asking God, "why me"?
Our why me questions are as individual as our fingerprints ...
Why didn't I get that promotion?
Why don't my children love me?
Why did you take my loved one?
Why am I battling this illness?
Why doesn't my spouse love me?
Why did that deal on our house fall through?
Why am I battling this addiction?
Why am I not good enough?
Why did my friend betray me?
Why do I have to feel all alone?
Why, why, why?
We can all fill in the blank of our own why, and we all have them at some point or another in our lives.
We live in a fallen world where Satan prowls like a roaring lion {1 Peter 5:8} seeking to devour us. And as we face these why questions, clinging to our pillow in the dark of the night, it certainly can feel like we are going to be devoured.
If you are feeling the weight of "why" today, I encourage you to remember that in God's eyes, you are accepted. You are loved. You are …

{gracious words}

Most of the time, I can use gracious words, but did you know this goes deeper that the words we {say} it's also the {way} we say them?
How often do we slip into the trap of snide remarks, sarcasm, eye rolling or even feeling superior to someone when speaking with them? 
Where is the graciousness at that point?  On {good} days, it's easy for our speech to be gracious, not only in the spoken word, but in the delivery of the spoken word. 
But what about on those days when things aren't going so well?
What about when you feel like:
You can never do anything right
Nobody cares about your feelings
Everyone forgot about you
You worked around the house all day, and nobody notices {how clean the house is, all the laundry that got done, the grass that got mowed, the food that got prepared, the pets that got fed ....}
Nobody loves you {even God}
The list could go on and on. We all have {those days}, I know, I had one this week!  And on {those days} I so quickly forget what I know to be tru…

one of "those" days ...

So ... today is one of "those days"!
And by "those days" I mean one where I'm counting the hours until I can go back to bed!
I don't feel that way because it's Rickey's Birthday.

 I feel that way because it's a day where there's an elephant in the room.
I feel that way because even though I love the texts and messages, it really is "just another day".
I feel that way because I don't know what I'm supposed to do or say or how I'm supposed to "act" ... do I ignore the significance of the day, do I wear sackcloth and ashes so I'm grieving properly, do I tiptoe around the fact that it's Rickey's Birthday, just in case I might offend someone?
I feel that way because I don't know what to write today, because it might not be the "right" thing in somebody's eyes.

I feel this way because on a day like today, I feel the weight of expectations. How do people expect me to act? How do they expect me …

... do it TODAY!

"Love is all you need" is how the old song goes ... and while that my not be entirely true, and I had a completely different post written in my mind to go with the "love" theme I posted on the "My Journey 139" Facebook page, it's the song in my head right now.

While "love" might not be "all you need", it sure is an important part of living!

Tonight I went to the local funeral home for the visitation of a former neighbor, a friend, a classmate. She died in her sleep. She was only 50 years old.  If you are 16 and reading this, that makes her sound ancient. If you are 75 and reading this, she's young enough to be your daughter. If you are somewhere in between, you are thinking, wow, 50 isn't that old!

So, what does visiting the funeral home and my neighbor/friend/classmate have to do with love?

Everything actually!

As I stood in line, it was hard not to remember being there myself almost 4 years ago. It was hard not to remember the…

A challenge to myself {and you!} ...

I LOVE Social Media. There, I've said it.  I'm a Facebook fanatic, a Pinterest pinner, an Instagram guru ... I enjoy my time on the computer.  We use social media to promote our businesses.  I use social media to {hopefully} encourage others in what God is teaching me. I have re-discovered many long lost friends {and even relatives} and made many new "friends".  Social media is NOT a bad thing! But, it's not always a good thing either.  Have you ever ended your endless scrolling to feel dissatisfied? Maybe your home isn't as beautiful as others. Your children certainly aren't as well-behaved, or as smart or as photogenic as so-and-so's. Your husband isn't as charming and romantic as "hers" is, and that's just what you see in your news feed.  What happens if you go even further and take some of those "quizzes" {Which TV/Movie character are you? How sexy are you? Are you a lover or a fighter? How popular are you? How evil is …