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again today ...! ♥

{Photo taken last year at Tessa's college graduation}
today ...
today, my heart is full.
full of emotion!
nearly 5 years and 7 months ago {june 5 will be that exact "milestone"} we sat in a hospital room and heard the words that changed our lives forever...
"i'm sorry, rickey didn't make it"
just like that
life as we knew it was no more.
tessa was a senior, she hadn't even graduated yet, how could this be happening?
but, God.
but God, knew.
while we still do not know the "why" of that day {and won't understand the full "why" until we reach heaven} God does.
and He has been faithful to see us through.
today, we awoke to sunshine filtered through the clouds on this "yooper" morning.
there is a chance of rain yet again, it's been a rainy spring, but the temperatures are supposed to be pretty nice, for springtime in the "yoop"!
the house will soon be bustling with activity as mama worries that ever…