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so much has been going on lately that I haven't taken time to blog!
the car was totaled and we made "car decisions" and as usual, God's hand was so evident in everything and we were more than taken care of!
we are moving forward with my signing on to be a lularoe style consultant and i'm excited and terrified all at the same time!
we took a trip to kentucky {via chicago & a college visit for kajsa} to see tessa graduate from boyce college. it was such a blessing to be able to spend the weekend with my mom & dad, all three girls, tim, rochet and andrew!
we came home from kentucky to a fun week spent with rick's younger brother ken and his wife linda from florida! we always have such a good time with them and we're glad that kenny needs a "place to stop and pee" when he's traveling!

in even {bigger} news ...
when tessa, taya and andrew came home for easter, andrew asked if he could talk with us while they were here, so on the friday night of…


the car has been towed to the adjustor.
in detroit or grand rapids.
yes, crazy i know, but that's how our insurance company does it!
so, now we wait to see if it is repairable or totaled, and while we wait, we are keeping an eye out for a replacement {initial indications are that it is totaled} :(
when i went yesterday to retrieve the items remaining in the car, there was an older lady at the body shop at the same time as me.
the car she was cleaning out looked very familiar ...
as in, it looked like the car in the pictures that hit the girls on saturday.
so i asked her, was this her car, was she the lady in the accident saturday.
yes, it was her.  she explained that she felt terrible. she looked both ways and just didn't see their car. she crawled out of the passenger side of her car because her driver's side door wouldn't open. when she got to kajsa's car, the girls were all still inside, and she didn't see them moving. she panicked, not knowing if they were o.k. or …


yesterday, we filed an auto insurance claim online, the insurance e-mailed us today that they will come and get the car to bring it to an "approved" garage today or tomorrow.  that means i'll stop on my way to work and make sure that all of k's belongings are removed from the car ... just in case it is totaled and we never see it again. ugh! it's an inconvenience, and an extra stop and "duty" in my day that i'd not planned, but it is what it is. such is life, and these "minor inconveniences" we call accidents! defines accident this way: yes, a possibly totaled car, 3 girls who are achey, bruised and "shook", police reports, insurance claims and all that those things entail is certainly undesirable AND unfortunate.
 however, i do believe that it did occur unintentionally. i do not believe that the lady who hit the girls on saturday set out that morning determined to see if she could injure 3 precious girls and total th…


i checked my cell phone and saw:
*missed call from Kajsa - 16 minutes ago* 
since she was down town decorating for the prom, i figured she was checking in, maybe asking if they could stop for coffee or bagels on the way home.
i quickly called her back and casually asked, "what's up"?
she said, "didn't you talk to rick {her step-dad}?" followed just as quickly by "we had an accident. we are all o.k., but my car isn't. oh, hang on, rick's here now." 
i was at the mall preparing for a vendor show. 
i was without a car.
 rick had dropped me off while he went to the studio for class.
it's the phone call i never want to get. it's the phone call that puts me back in time. it's the phone call that makes my knees weak and my heart skip a beat {or two or three} before it starts racing. for me, it put me right back to november 5, 2011, 
"i'm sorry, there's been an accident ..."
{i believe that's what they call p.t.s.d.}