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so much has been going on lately that I haven't taken time to blog!
the car was totaled and we made "car decisions" and as usual, God's hand was so evident in everything and we were more than taken care of!
we are moving forward with my signing on to be a lularoe style consultant and i'm excited and terrified all at the same time!
we took a trip to kentucky {via chicago & a college visit for kajsa} to see tessa graduate from boyce college. it was such a blessing to be able to spend the weekend with my mom & dad, all three girls, tim, rochet and andrew!
we came home from kentucky to a fun week spent with rick's younger brother ken and his wife linda from florida! we always have such a good time with them and we're glad that kenny needs a "place to stop and pee" when he's traveling!

in even {bigger} news ...
when tessa, taya and andrew came home for easter, andrew asked if he could talk with us while they were here, so on the friday night of…


the car has been towed to the adjustor.
in detroit or grand rapids.
yes, crazy i know, but that's how our insurance company does it!
so, now we wait to see if it is repairable or totaled, and while we wait, we are keeping an eye out for a replacement {initial indications are that it is totaled} :(
when i went yesterday to retrieve the items remaining in the car, there was an older lady at the body shop at the same time as me.
the car she was cleaning out looked very familiar ...
as in, it looked like the car in the pictures that hit the girls on saturday.
so i asked her, was this her car, was she the lady in the accident saturday.
yes, it was her.  she explained that she felt terrible. she looked both ways and just didn't see their car. she crawled out of the passenger side of her car because her driver's side door wouldn't open. when she got to kajsa's car, the girls were all still inside, and she didn't see them moving. she panicked, not knowing if they were o.k. or …


yesterday, we filed an auto insurance claim online, the insurance e-mailed us today that they will come and get the car to bring it to an "approved" garage today or tomorrow.  that means i'll stop on my way to work and make sure that all of k's belongings are removed from the car ... just in case it is totaled and we never see it again. ugh! it's an inconvenience, and an extra stop and "duty" in my day that i'd not planned, but it is what it is. such is life, and these "minor inconveniences" we call accidents! defines accident this way: yes, a possibly totaled car, 3 girls who are achey, bruised and "shook", police reports, insurance claims and all that those things entail is certainly undesirable AND unfortunate.
 however, i do believe that it did occur unintentionally. i do not believe that the lady who hit the girls on saturday set out that morning determined to see if she could injure 3 precious girls and total th…


i checked my cell phone and saw:
*missed call from Kajsa - 16 minutes ago* 
since she was down town decorating for the prom, i figured she was checking in, maybe asking if they could stop for coffee or bagels on the way home.
i quickly called her back and casually asked, "what's up"?
she said, "didn't you talk to rick {her step-dad}?" followed just as quickly by "we had an accident. we are all o.k., but my car isn't. oh, hang on, rick's here now." 
i was at the mall preparing for a vendor show. 
i was without a car.
 rick had dropped me off while he went to the studio for class.
it's the phone call i never want to get. it's the phone call that puts me back in time. it's the phone call that makes my knees weak and my heart skip a beat {or two or three} before it starts racing. for me, it put me right back to november 5, 2011, 
"i'm sorry, there's been an accident ..."
{i believe that's what they call p.t.s.d.}


if a good friend of mine {who also lost her husband at a "young" age} hadn't posted it, i'd have no idea that today was
"worker's memorial day"
"a day to honor and remember all of the men and women who were injured or killed just for going to work."

while rickey wasn't officially "on the job" the day he died, he was performing his life's "trade" ... that particular day, he was just earning his "pay" in bear bait instead of currency!
i often wonder if rickey had ANY IDEA when he left home that morning that he'd never be coming back ... we truly do not know the number of our days. cherish each moment you have with those you love! don't pass up the chance to tell someone you love them, to hug them and to give them a kiss ... because honestly, we never know which one may be our last ♥
though in our earthly minds, rickey was taken from us too soon, we know without a doubt {as tessa once said to me} "we h…


once again, i'm blogging after a brief hiatus. i often struggle with knowing "what" to blog. i always feel inadequate to blog.  my first post back in november of 2011 said,
"This may be more for myself than anyone else, but if you'd like to read, you are invited to come along for the ride.  I make no promises that it will be pretty and rosy and it might get a little messy! I do hope to dig deeper into God's purpose for life and for death.  For hurt and for heartache as I write.  Here we go!"
that was 267 blog posts ago; 4 years and 5 months ago; 218.5 weeks ago; 1,610 days ago; 38,640 hours ago; 2,318,400 seconds ago. through every one of those posts and those years and months and weeks and days and hours and seconds, GOD has never left my side. He has been the only CONSTANT in all that time. you may not have read my past posts, or you may have read all of them, either way, it has been a journey! there have been good days and bad days and there surely hav…


i realize i haven't blogged in awhile.
i've been busy!
busy "re"-learning how to waitress although it is a little like riding a bike! this new job has also kept me busy learning names! i'm working at a retirement community in the dining room and we serve the residents by writing their names on the order tickets! at first i thought i'd never remember them all, but after just a week and 1/2 i'm getting there! sometimes when i wake up in the middle of the night, i quiz myself to see how many i remember! 
all that said, the job is great, my boss and co-workers are great and the residents make my day!  all in all, i must say that i love it! 
i'm off today and my "to-do" list is way longer than it should be, but i do have a couple of blog posts that are rolling around in my head ... if time allows, i'll try and put them down on paper {o.k. on the keyboard, but paper just sounds cooler!}
until then, thanks for checking in and have a great day!
trust …


in 2012, i left my job as high school secretary to take a position at our local hospital.
that position actually fell through before i was offered another position at the hospital ...  you can read about how God's hand was in that story in a blog post from July 2012 HERE!
in january 2014, my employment with the hospital ended when i {at my doctor's recommendation} did not receive my flu shot {yes, for real} but that's a story for another blog post ...
after that, i kept busy helping rick with our clinic/broga yoga studio and this fall, i went back to the school system as a substitute para-pro, primarily at the elementary school.  while i love the people who work there and i love the kids, this was a part-time, on call "gig", not income to be counted on for monthly budgeting.
so ... on a whim, i stopped in when i saw a "help wanted" sign at a local business and filled out an application .
after not hearing anything for a couple of weeks, i assumed that the po…


He is RISEN!
words of hope, words of life!
Hallelujah He is RISEN!

listen HERE!


quick trip to green bay with kajsa before she works today.
love spending time with my girls ...i am so very blessed!

contemplating what this day, this Easter weekend, means to the world and to me. 
unable to comprehend what He went through for me. 
in awe that He went through that agony to pay for my salvation. 
thankful that His death and resurrection promises eternal life. 
excited that today, tomorrow and Sunday are the reason we grieve the loss of loved ones, but not without hope of the glorious day when we will be reunited!
amazed by grace!


so, there's this book i've been reading and it is taking me a while to finish. I am typically a fast reader but this book, i have had to read slowly and "digest"! the book is "interrupted" by {jen hatmaker} and frankly, it is interrupting my life!

in "interrupted" jen speaks of an instance where her comfy faith walk was interrupted and she realized the need to be a "barefoot church". i will blog more about that later ... but ... i cannot get that out of my mind ... I want to be a part of a barefoot church, but more than that, i need to be a barefoot Christian!
this means that i need to {willingly, happily} 
*serve {when what i really want is to be served} 
this means that i need to {willingly, happily} 
*love {even when i feel unloved}
this means that i need to {willingly, happily} 
*give {even when i feel empty}
this means that i need to {willingly, happily} 
*share my time {even when i feel like my schedule is full - if it is so full that i…

{dr.cucumber} ♥

i'm sorry, we don't have any appointments available today.
i'm sorry, doctor is not in the office today, we can get you in tomorrow.
i'm sorry, we aren't taking new patients at this time.
i was a young {nervous} mama with a sick little girl and I needed to bring her to a doctor.  in desperation i pulled out the phone book and looked in the yellow pages {you know that pre-google book with names & phone numbers!} i knew that taya had an ear infection so when i found "northern lights ear, nose and throat" i figured i'd try to call them.
a sweet receptionist answered the phone and told me that yes, they usually required a referral from our primary care physician and that even if they could accept us without a referral, doctor was out of town at a conference. she did however, take some information from me and we hung up.
i remember crying right along with taya after i hung up, she in pain and me feeling helpless not knowing what to do to help her.
imagine my…


this is my view today ...

we are at bellin hospital in green bay waiting for dad to go in and have "his batteries changed" {his i.c.d. (pacemaker/defibrillator) is being replaced}.  this is the third one he has been through since he had his heart-attack and 5-bypasses done in 2005.
the staff here is just amazing, all so kind and calm and pleasant! the procedure is scheduled for 1:30 ... it's now 1:16 and he is still in the room with us ... that's the drawback of later in the day appointments ... sometimes the schedule gets a bit behind! they have been crazy busy here this morning ... controlled chaos rick called it!
so, we wait ...
"but they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint. isaiah 40:31  


i wanted to be a little grumpy.
o.k. i wanted to be a LOT grumpy!
it was only 5:35 a.m.
on a saturday morning.
i hadn't gotten the coffee ready the night before.
the bed was warm and cozy.
it was saturday.
i wanted to be lazy and sleep in.
but, he got up so i got up.
he said "you don't have to get up just because i do"
"i know that" 
{but you're up and the dogs are up and now i probably won't go back to sleep anyway!}
so, i got up too.
i went to the kitchen where we {a little "grumpily"} worked together to make coffee.
i curled up in the living room and did my devotions.
and drank my coffee.
3 cups.
then i let the little one {gretchen} out.

and i paused for a few minutes.
i noticed there were birds singing.
i noticed how much snow had melted this week.
i noticed that the grass is already a little green.
i noticed that the sun is shining and the sky is as blue as blue can be.
i noticed that my backyard is as beautiful as many parks.

and i woke up grumbling?
thank y…


when i doubt God's amazing power, rick will often quote numbers 11:23 to me
"the LORD answered moses, "is the LORD's arm too short?""
"i don't want to answer this" i said as my cell phone rang yesterday.
i knew the number on the caller i.d.
it was the number of the place i'd dropped our car off at earlier.
the place that was going to "diagnose" why our engine light was on.
we'd been told by another place that it would cost $200 ...
just to run diagnostics.
that didn't take into consideration any repairs that may be needed.
double ouch 
considering we just had to replace a really important part on our furnace.
oh, you know, like the "little" part that makes it run.
i know, i'm so very technical when it comes to those things.
you're welcome!
the "little" part that costs $650 and that doesn't count labor.
which is doubled on a sunday.
which is then again doubled when 2 guys have to come to do the repairs…