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loose ends ...

In the weeks leading up to 12/21/12, there was “buzz” about the Mayan
calendar predicting the end of the world. People made jokes, people
planned parties, people thought about what they would do if it really
was their last day to live. People did what they could to tie up
their “loose ends” just in case tomorrow didn’t come . . . but it did.

According to the Bible, in Matthew 24:36 & Mark 13:32, “But about that
day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son,
but only the Father.”

I was not fearful on December 21 because I didn’t believe the Mayan
predictions, but I also wasn’t fearful because whether December 21 or
any other day is my last day to live, I know where I am going! Even
though I rest in that knowledge, it made me stop and think, do I live
as if each breath could be my last? I know, that for me, the answer
to that question, sadly, is no, I do not live as if each moment could
be my last. How DIFFERENT would my life be, would all of our lives


Over the past {almost} 13 months, I’ve had the opportunity to talk with lots of people . . .
I’ve been able to “live outside of” my own memories of November 5, and to hear their memories of that day.  It’s been very insightful to me to be able to have these conversations.
I think so often when we are thrust into the middle of any type of “crisis” situation, it is so easy to reflect only upon ourselves and the way we were affected, and we forget the broad reaching effect of the “event”.
I’ve been able to talk to some of those people who are/were closest to Rickey and me and to hear where they were, what they were doing, when they got the news that Rickey had gone to Heaven . . . sometimes I forget – I know “my” story so well, but Rickey touched so many, many lives, that everyone who knew him has a story as to “how” they learned of his accident.  It reminds me how much he was, and I am loved when people share with me.
There are MANY of these stories I could share – from my Pastor’s wife …