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Oftentimes, someone touches your life and you are never the same.
Such is my experience with some of our dear friends.  They are the
friends who we called upon the day of Rickey’s accident.  The ones who
live out of town – 2 hours away.  The friends I knew I could call to
meet up with Kajsa who was gone on a youth group event for the day.
The friends who, though we only had been friends for a short time, I
completely trusted to meet up with her and bring her to us at the
hospital.   Those friends, who despite the fact that they have a life,
dropped EVERYTHING for us.  They got Kajsa for us and delivered her
safely to us, “big brother” sitting in the back seat with her,
comforting her the entire ride.  The friends who then drove us home
(all sandwiched into their smallish car).  The friends who helped us
pull all of our mattresses into the living room for that night and
then they stayed with us – all camped out on the living room floor –
because we needed the closeness of friends & family – we w…


“Hey I don't know about you but I can’t wait till the day When I'll be with my Lord and everything is ok And I'll be just like him so sin won't get in the way Basking in his glory that's where I want to stay I just wanna go where I'm only breathing your air Father hear my prayer Take me there Take me there”
{Take Me There – Trip Lee}
The girls really like to listen to Christian “rap” type music.  Me, I can take it or leave it – for the most part leave it!  The song “Take Me There” by Tripp Lee has been running through my head lately though, so I thought maybe it was time to reflect and post about some thoughts that I have been thinking in relation to those lyrics.
Read those lyrics above again, and reflect, are they true for you?
Can you really say that you can’t wait for the day, the day when you’ll be with your Lord and everything will be o.k.?  When you’ll be just like Him and sin won’t get in the way?  When you go “there” {heaven} and are breathing only His…