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if a good friend of mine {who also lost her husband at a "young" age} hadn't posted it, i'd have no idea that today was
"worker's memorial day"
"a day to honor and remember all of the men and women who were injured or killed just for going to work."

while rickey wasn't officially "on the job" the day he died, he was performing his life's "trade" ... that particular day, he was just earning his "pay" in bear bait instead of currency!
i often wonder if rickey had ANY IDEA when he left home that morning that he'd never be coming back ... we truly do not know the number of our days. cherish each moment you have with those you love! don't pass up the chance to tell someone you love them, to hug them and to give them a kiss ... because honestly, we never know which one may be our last ♥
though in our earthly minds, rickey was taken from us too soon, we know without a doubt {as tessa once said to me} "we h…


once again, i'm blogging after a brief hiatus. i often struggle with knowing "what" to blog. i always feel inadequate to blog.  my first post back in november of 2011 said,
"This may be more for myself than anyone else, but if you'd like to read, you are invited to come along for the ride.  I make no promises that it will be pretty and rosy and it might get a little messy! I do hope to dig deeper into God's purpose for life and for death.  For hurt and for heartache as I write.  Here we go!"
that was 267 blog posts ago; 4 years and 5 months ago; 218.5 weeks ago; 1,610 days ago; 38,640 hours ago; 2,318,400 seconds ago. through every one of those posts and those years and months and weeks and days and hours and seconds, GOD has never left my side. He has been the only CONSTANT in all that time. you may not have read my past posts, or you may have read all of them, either way, it has been a journey! there have been good days and bad days and there surely hav…


i realize i haven't blogged in awhile.
i've been busy!
busy "re"-learning how to waitress although it is a little like riding a bike! this new job has also kept me busy learning names! i'm working at a retirement community in the dining room and we serve the residents by writing their names on the order tickets! at first i thought i'd never remember them all, but after just a week and 1/2 i'm getting there! sometimes when i wake up in the middle of the night, i quiz myself to see how many i remember! 
all that said, the job is great, my boss and co-workers are great and the residents make my day!  all in all, i must say that i love it! 
i'm off today and my "to-do" list is way longer than it should be, but i do have a couple of blog posts that are rolling around in my head ... if time allows, i'll try and put them down on paper {o.k. on the keyboard, but paper just sounds cooler!}
until then, thanks for checking in and have a great day!
trust …