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some days, i come here to write and i have so much i want to say, i shut my computer down, because there just isn't the time or the room, and surely i'll lose your interest by the time you've read 1/10 of what i've written!
i guess that means that i need to be a little less "wordy" ... or to try and condense my thoughts!
life has been a whirlwind lately!
i've left lularoe.
i decided to join a new company and for reasons known only to God, things just became clear that was not the direction to go, so i headed in a slightly different path, still along the same lines!
i'm now with a company called amelia james .... it is BRAND new with just about 500 reps nation wide, so i find that exciting! because of my experience with lularoe, i know that being on the "start up" end of a company, there will be hiccups, but hopefully they will be worth it!
i have so many loyal customers who stuck with me through the transition, that it's been…


alright ... here it is as best as i can put it into words  {and maybe with more honesty than you want}!
back in may of 2016 when i joined lularoe, i had a dream & no i'm not trying to sound all mlk, jr., but i did have a dream!
or a vision.
a vision of what i thought my boutique would be.
what i thought it could be.
what i wanted it to be.
here's what i "saw" ... 
i saw a cozy little "boutique" type room in my home. 
a room with some clothing racks with some fun, cute, not your "ordinary" clothes that you could come and try on and feel pretty in.  a place where you could maybe find something a little "out of the ordinary" or "out of the box" for you that you loved and that made you feel good!  
i envisioned a cozy little corner in that room with a couple of chairs where we could have a cup of coffee and a chat ... about your kids or life, your relationship with God, where you were safe to laugh or cry or just have a shoulder to lean …