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Again today, I CHOOSE to believe this - I will continue to have FAITH that where I am RIGHT NOW is exactly where He wants me to be and that the places He will take me are known only by Him!  With that thought in mind, I can sleep well tonight and in the nights to come regardless of whatever circumstances may come my way on a daily basis!  GOD is taking me somewhere, I just have to have FAITH in HIM! :) 
Tonight, I am going to sleep happy to have all 3 girls home under the same roof again!  I'm thankful for the WONDERFUL blessing of THEM and their big brother & sister . . . they are truly my earthly lifelines - the ones who, like Rick, will always be there, through thick and thin!  I LOVE YOU Nick, Ashley Beth, Tessa, Taya & Kajsa (and Ashley Marie and Brian too!)

Busy Saturday....

The garage cleaning is almost done and the basement is beginning to see some progress thanks to my great little buddy, Kajsa Jo!!!!

The Parli Pro Team from SHS took FIRST in the NATION again ... For the 13th consecutive year ... It's Tessa's SENIOR year AND 13 was her Daddy's (and big brother & big sister's) favorite number!!!! Just a little {hug} from Daddy!!!

Graduation announcements almost ready to mail out and I'm watching "We Bought A Zoo" with Kajsa!! Tessa will be home in 5 or 6 hours and I pick up Taya at noon tomorrow ... :)

Yes, even though I miss Rick terribly, life is still good and I am very blessed!

My GOD is cool like that!

This is another FAVORITE verse of mine!
But, until you are fully, truly, every second of every day hoping in the LORD, you don't really know how wonderfully HE will RENEW your STRENGTH!!  How despite, or maybe in spite of your circumstances, you CAN soar on wings like EAGLES!!  How you can RUN and not be WEARY and walk and not faint!
Today, I ran 6.33 miles (+ a little bit more - I turned my running program off a little before I was done by accident!)  And I did it in an hour - those are less than 10 minute miles - sustained!!  I even ran through the cemetery so I could tell Rick about it . . . I KNOW he's not really there, but it is the last resting place of his earthly body, there is a comfort in just knowing that he is there . . . I never used to like the cemetery, but now, it is a peaceful beautiful place - I felt really at peace running through it today.  It's still really hard for me to grasp the fact that my biggest "fan" is not here for me!  That is still o…


"Don't tell God how big your storm is, tell the storm how big your God is!"
I heard this quote 2 times this week in 2 different places!
Tonight, my sister-in-law's mom had this picture on Facebook . . . It makes me smile even though it's a tough thought!
When the girls were little (Tessa especially), they were scared of storms.  I remember Rick tenderly taking her out on the front porch and holding her tightly while they watched a storm rage - lots of lightening and thunder - but Daddy held her close, she was safe, and she was no longer afraid, SHE TRUSTED HER DADDY . . . the storm was big, but to that little girl, her Daddy was bigger!  With that image in my mind, and KNOWING how much "that" daddy loved his little girl, HOW MUCH MORE does our Heavenly Daddy love us? It does in just a TINY way put the Lord's love into some kind of earthly perspective!
That same little girl who wanted to run to the basement just hearing the weatherman say there was a sto…

(: y.e.p :)

I had a post all ready in my head for tonight (yes, as I go through the day, I think about what is "post" worthy!)!  
However, it's going to have to be on hold because JUST as I was getting ready to log on and post, the phone rang, Kajzi answered it and was told to  ANSWER THE DOOR!!!
Nick, Ashley & Lila stopped in on their way through from a church convention! YEAH! WHAT A WONDERFUL END TO THE DAY! :) 
Love my kids SO MUCH! :)
(Tessa did make it to Chicago today, they saw the "Jersey Boys" tonight and head into the city tomorrow and begin competition!)


Tomorrow morning, Tessa leaves for Chicago! The Stephenson High School BPA (Business Professionals of America) students will be attending the NATIONAL CONVENTION! (the ONE year I went to Nationals, it was also in Chicago!) She is on the Parli Pro (Parliamentary Procedure) team. They are given a meeting agenda with certain "points" of parliamentary procedure (Robert's Rules of Order, anyone?) that they must complete.  They have 15 minutes to prepare their presentation and then the "perform" live for the judges (so kind of like "impromptu" speech coordinated among 7 people!)  They also have to take a written test - individually and those scores are weighed into their final score.
This year's team is going for win #13 in a row (obviously not the same kids, but same advisor - she was my Parli Pro advisor and I graduated in 1984!)  They are also going to see a live play, I'm sure they will do some shopping and Navy Pier is on the agenda!   They will be …


as written by GOD

It's pretty late and I'm pretty tired, but I'm thinking I won't sleep unless I "journal", so here I am!  I'm kind of afraid this might be one of those "not so pretty" posts . . . that's your warning to quit reading NOW if you want!!
Over the course of the last {almost} 6 months {gasp! is it THAT long already?}, I have been given MANY books, MUCH advice and read NUMEROUS stories of people who have lost their spouses.  In most of my reading, there are a couple of "common threads".  These are not all inclusive, but some that have really stuck with me.  When you first start on any journey (an exciting trip, schooling, a new job, marriage, the death of a spouse), there are MANY unknowns.  Sometimes you can rely on the "expertise" of others who have experienced the journey before you, sometimes, you just have to find your way as your journey is not that of anyone else, it is uniqu…

t.h.a.n.k.f.u.l THURSDAY ♥

Though my life was turned upside down and there are still so many unknowns, still such an empty place in our house, still such a hole in my heart, I am able to say that I AM THANKFUL!
My "Jesus Calling" devotional the other day said, "Many things feel out of control.  Your routines are not running smoothly . . . you tend to feel more secure when your life is predictable . . . let Me lead you to the Rock that is higher than you and your circumstances . . . take refuge in the shelter of My wings, where you are absolutely secure . . . when you are shaken . . . grip My hand tightly . . . I lead you on from glory to glory, making you fit for My kingdom . . . trust Me, and don't be afraid"!
I am THANKFUL that my LORD is always there!  I am THANKFUL that HE knows that things won't always make sense to me (us).  I am THANKFUL that I have been able to GRIP HIS HAND TIGHTLY, to TAKE SHELTER IN THE SHELTER OF HIS WINGS.  I am THANKFUL that I have …


From "Jesus Calling" by Sarah Young...

Peace is My continual gift to you. It flows abundantly from My throne of grace. Just as the Israelites could not store up manna for the future but had to gather it daily, so it is with My Peace. The day-by-day collecting of manna kept My people aware of their dependence on Me. Similarly, I give you sufficient Peace for the present, when you come to me by prayer and petition with thanksgiving. If I gave you permanent Peace, independent of My Presence, you might fall into the trap of self-sufficiency. May that never be!


Beautiful flowers from my sweet friend Nicole who probably won't see them here because reading my blog makes her cry!!

Another crazy, insane day at work, yet in the midst of it I felt peaceful....! Peaceful but exhausted so nothing more tonight!! I promise, more soon, but I've learned, blogging DOES NOT come first!!!


Good day!!

I had a really good first day back ... considering it started with me forgetting my keys and being locked out of my office for about 20 minutes at 6:00 a.m.!!!

The morning started as last night ended, with a giggle! Taya and I were leaving early to get her to Driver's Ed ... As she came out of her bedroom (at 5:00-ish), she was wearing sunglasses!! I asked her why and she said, "I thought they were my glasses!" ... She later told me she wondered why it was so "dark and blurry". I'm sure it was more of a "you had to be there" moment, but I'm still giggling typing it!!

I was treated to a beautiful springtime bouquet from my friend Nicole, was reminded several times throughout the day that I was being prayed for, came home to a sweet card from a "cyber" friend and had a really nice night at Bible Study! All in all a very nice day, filled with love and contentment!!

And now, off to bed before 10:00, that's a record for me!!


nothing brilliant or witty . . . just a mousetrap car!

I WAS going to go to bed at 9:00 . . . oops . . . it's 11:38 and here I am!!
I have something that was REALLY GOOD for me that a new "widow friend" posted on her Facebook and she gave me permission to re-use it, but, I need TIME and energy for it, so maybe tomorrow!!
So, rather than deep and serious . . . 
Today, we started with THIS on our kitchen counter . . . 

And after MANY hours, LOTS of LAUGHTER, 2 "Face Time" chats with Uncle Tim and a couple of texts, we ended up with THIS . . . 

And it even WORKS . . . probably not as good as it's supposed to, but, it's our FIRST "Daddy should be here, but he's not" project.  It was just one of those things that we needed to do mostly on our own (I KNOW we could have called on any number of people for help, so don't feel bad that we didn't call you or that you didn't help!)  We did borrow from Uncle Tim's knowledge a little bit, but it was from a distance, so all of the &quo…

♥ an everlasting love ♥

"At the end of your life is an entrance to Heaven.  Only I know when you will reach that destination, but I am preparing you for it each step of the way.  The ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY of your Heavenly Home gives you Peace and Joy . . . . you will reach your home in My PERFECT TIMING:  not one moment too soon or too late.  Let the hope of heaven encourage you, as you walk along the path of Life with Me."  ~ Jesus Calling
That was TODAY's reading in my Jesus Calling devotional.
This SATURDAY marks 23 weeks.
This devotional is VERY SPECIFIC.  It states some TRUTHS that I have trusted in for most of my life, but, they became "real" on November 5.
ONLY I KNOW WHEN YOU WILL REACH THAT DESTINATION (Heaven).  I'm sure when Rick backed his truck out of the driveway that morning, he had no idea that he'd not be coming back . . . we talked on the phone probably not more than an hour before the accident, making our plans for the rest of the day . . . howe…

He's still workin' on me!

Well, tonight I was going to be "clever".  Then I was going to be "snippy".  Then i was going to be "in-your-face" honest.  Then I wasn't going to blog at all . . . but, here I am . . . and I may ramble . . . sorry!!
The last couple (is it few or several or couple . . . Rick and I ALWAYS argued about that!!) weeks have been rough weeks.  The have been amazing weeks.  They have been restorative weeks.  They have been exciting, relaxing, tiring, overwhelming, crazy weeks!  And I wouldn't trade them for the world.
I've also made mistakes in the past weeks.  Many.  And, you know what?  I'll make many more in the days, weeks, months and years to come.  I'll say dumb things.  I'll do dumb things.  I'll burn bridges I shouldn't have and I'll keep bridges that should be burned.  I'll say things about GOD and faith that I MEAN, but don't always ACT.  I will fail my girls.  I will fail my parents.  I will fail Rick's me…

true friends ♥

...a friend loveth at all times...Proverbs 17:17
I have read in a couple of different places (Christian books written for widows/widowers) over the last couple of months that after losing a spouse a widow (er) will lose 75% of their friends . . . . OUCH!
That is a statistic that is SCARY!  But, tonight, I was talking to a dear, dear friend who is truly one of my "core" people, and she said something like, "But, those 25% you keep are your real, true friends", I liked that.  No, I LOVED that!  
I'll keep the 25 and lose the 75 if that's the truth.  I think in "severe crisis" like this, you do see people's real colors.  You do find out who really "has your back".  I really believe that unless someone has actually "walked this walk", they CANNOT get it.  In my reading, I also read that the loss of a spouse is unique in that the spousal relationship is the only relationship that the Lord has commanded that the TWO to become ONE.  …


we are home.
a little sunburned.
a LOT, LOT loved on.
a little sad it's already over :(
VERY HAPPY that we were able to go!


Lots of reading and lots of learning and lots of listening to God and some wise council received by me from Tim & Rochet!!.... More to come, but tonight, I sleep!!

He is RISEN!!

The tomb is empty, His grave clothes are folded neatly and He has risen! Hallelujah!

"Man of sorrows what a name, for the Son of God who came, ruined sinners to reclaim, Hallelujah! What a Savior!"

"Up from the grave He arose! With a mighty triumph o'er His foes, He arose a Victor from the dark domain, and He lives forever with His saints to reign... HE AROSE!!!"

I love Easter!

Even more this year than ever!

Easter this year marks all the Hope I have in the Lord!!

Easter is the reason I do not despair!

Easter is the reason my world did not end on November 5! Yes, it did stop for a moment in time and life as I had known it to that moment came to a screeching halt!

BUT, GOD has plans for us beyond that which we can fathom and Easter is the reason we know that our future here on earth is short, but ETERNITY in Heaven is where we are headed! Where we will be reunited with Rick, where our Hope truly is!!

So, Happy Easter it is! Happy because of the g…


Yes, we are enjoying our time away!


Ah, yes, we made it! And we are only 24 hours in to it, but it has already been amazing!! God has blessed me with amazing FAMILY and 3 beautiful treasures in my daughters! Yes, I am truly blessed!!!!