{l.e.a.v.i.n.g LuLaRoe}

sometimes blogging can be a scary thing ... you open yourself up and become transparent and it's through the written word which means that your facial expression, body language and tone of voice can't be heard. that is why i often create posts in my head for days, sometimes weeks before posting them, and many don't get posted!
THIS is one of those posts.
a few weeks ago, i put up a video on my facebook page about "leaving lularoe" and i got feedback ... some good, some not so good, and i ended up taking the video down.
here i am, weeks later and in the same position i was when i made that video so i'm taking the time to share ... it is up to you if you want to continue reading or not.
in april of 2016, i discovered lularoe through a vendor that was at an event i attended. i liked the product, was intrigued by the concept and immediately booked a party. rick thought the clothes were cute and that it was a business i should look into joining. i spoke at length…


being transparent
this is has always been the most difficult part of writing/blogging for me
being transparent
i don't want to post and get a bunch of "oh, i'm so sorry" comments {i don't blog for pity}
i don't want to post and hurt anyone {my girls, my husband, family or friends}
i don't want to stir up division or hurt.
but, let's be honest, sometimes
sometimes the past collides with the present and leaves you reeling a little bit.
sometimes just being able to verbalize that we are human and we have hurts, and pains and that life is real is all we really need to do, and sometimes being able to share that can or will encourage someone else that there is HOPE, hope that can be found in Christ alone!
if you haven't already figured it out ... "this" is going to be one of "those" posts! {so please, in advance, i'm not looking for pity and i pray that my words don't cause pain to anyone who reads them ... but…


someday, Lord?

when rickey died on 11/5/11, i seriously had no idea what God might have in store for me. at that moment and in the moments, and days and weeks that followed, i just knew that i needed to continue to trust in Him and to trust that He would lead me. and He did, ever so graciously! as that fall gave way to winter and then winter turned into spring, our lives moved forward, jobs and graduation and even vacations. the girls and i were blessed with some extra money in december and spent some of the week before Christmas in chicago, tim & rochet {rickey's brother & sister-in-law} opened up and shared their lake home with us over spring break and then 7 & 1/2 months into this new journey, at the end of june of 2012 tim & rochet most graciously invited the girls and i to crash the party that was their anniversary trip to pensacola beach ... and we accepted their most generous offer.
the girls and i packed up the escape until there was no room for one.more.thin…


rick & I just spent 2 days at a pretty intense training for some seriously serious businessmen and women!
for the most part, i felt totally out of their league if i'm being totally honest!
i asked rick as we drove home yesterday who his favorite speaker was and he, like me couldn't name just one!
well, i liked what ed o'keefe said about this, and ed clay, well he is just amazing, and jesse, well wow, jesse! and then there was rome, oh and vinnie, and yemeni .... oh, too many to remember and way too hard to pick a favorite!
although i felt a little out of place, i did take away many, many good bits of information and though much of the content was aimed at marketing and entrepreneurship and i'm not sure how or if i'll put most of what was shared into practice in my business, there was a common thread which i loved  ...
be grateful
build your tribe
family is the most important thing you have
be grateful
you become like the 20 people you hang around with most - c…


confession ...
i'm sitting here at my computer, hands poised ready to type but i can't see for the tears blurring my vision.
confession ...
i'm crying over a person i really don't know.
over what seems so unfair to my human mind.
i got a text this morning {which to preserve privacy i'm going to change important details} which read ...
"don't know if you saw on facebook but *E* died this past weekend after a battle with cancer. *E* had a spouse and a 5 year old child. *E* was a believer, but i know you know how their spouse who is still here feels.".
i don't really know *E* but that doesn't matter, in an instant *E's* spouse and i have a connection ... we've joined the ranks of the one relationship that God has ordained to last "til death do us part" ... parents grow old {usually} and die ... sometimes, sadly parents outlive their children and children die ... or children do as is the *natural* order of l…


some days, i come here to write and i have so much i want to say, i shut my computer down, because there just isn't the time or the room, and surely i'll lose your interest by the time you've read 1/10 of what i've written!
i guess that means that i need to be a little less "wordy" ... or to try and condense my thoughts!
life has been a whirlwind lately!
i've left lularoe.
i decided to join a new company and for reasons known only to God, things just became clear that was not the direction to go, so i headed in a slightly different path, still along the same lines!
i'm now with a company called amelia james .... it is BRAND new with just about 500 reps nation wide, so i find that exciting! because of my experience with lularoe, i know that being on the "start up" end of a company, there will be hiccups, but hopefully they will be worth it!
i have so many loyal customers who stuck with me through the transition, that it's been…


alright ... here it is as best as i can put it into words  {and maybe with more honesty than you want}!
back in may of 2016 when i joined lularoe, i had a dream & no i'm not trying to sound all mlk, jr., but i did have a dream!
or a vision.
a vision of what i thought my boutique would be.
what i thought it could be.
what i wanted it to be.
here's what i "saw" ... 
i saw a cozy little "boutique" type room in my home. 
a room with some clothing racks with some fun, cute, not your "ordinary" clothes that you could come and try on and feel pretty in.  a place where you could maybe find something a little "out of the ordinary" or "out of the box" for you that you loved and that made you feel good!  
i envisioned a cozy little corner in that room with a couple of chairs where we could have a cup of coffee and a chat ... about your kids or life, your relationship with God, where you were safe to laugh or cry or just have a shoulder to lean …