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rick & I just spent 2 days at a pretty intense training for some seriously serious businessmen and women!
for the most part, i felt totally out of their league if i'm being totally honest!
i asked rick as we drove home yesterday who his favorite speaker was and he, like me couldn't name just one!
well, i liked what ed o'keefe said about this, and ed clay, well he is just amazing, and jesse, well wow, jesse! and then there was rome, oh and vinnie, and yemeni .... oh, too many to remember and way too hard to pick a favorite!
although i felt a little out of place, i did take away many, many good bits of information and though much of the content was aimed at marketing and entrepreneurship and i'm not sure how or if i'll put most of what was shared into practice in my business, there was a common thread which i loved  ...
be grateful
build your tribe
family is the most important thing you have
be grateful
you become like the 20 people you hang around with most - c…


confession ...
i'm sitting here at my computer, hands poised ready to type but i can't see for the tears blurring my vision.
confession ...
i'm crying over a person i really don't know.
over what seems so unfair to my human mind.
i got a text this morning {which to preserve privacy i'm going to change important details} which read ...
"don't know if you saw on facebook but *E* died this past weekend after a battle with cancer. *E* had a spouse and a 5 year old child. *E* was a believer, but i know you know how their spouse who is still here feels.".
i don't really know *E* but that doesn't matter, in an instant *E's* spouse and i have a connection ... we've joined the ranks of the one relationship that God has ordained to last "til death do us part" ... parents grow old {usually} and die ... sometimes, sadly parents outlive their children and children die ... or children do as is the *natural* order of l…


some days, i come here to write and i have so much i want to say, i shut my computer down, because there just isn't the time or the room, and surely i'll lose your interest by the time you've read 1/10 of what i've written!
i guess that means that i need to be a little less "wordy" ... or to try and condense my thoughts!
life has been a whirlwind lately!
i've left lularoe.
i decided to join a new company and for reasons known only to God, things just became clear that was not the direction to go, so i headed in a slightly different path, still along the same lines!
i'm now with a company called amelia james .... it is BRAND new with just about 500 reps nation wide, so i find that exciting! because of my experience with lularoe, i know that being on the "start up" end of a company, there will be hiccups, but hopefully they will be worth it!
i have so many loyal customers who stuck with me through the transition, that it's been…


alright ... here it is as best as i can put it into words  {and maybe with more honesty than you want}!
back in may of 2016 when i joined lularoe, i had a dream & no i'm not trying to sound all mlk, jr., but i did have a dream!
or a vision.
a vision of what i thought my boutique would be.
what i thought it could be.
what i wanted it to be.
here's what i "saw" ... 
i saw a cozy little "boutique" type room in my home. 
a room with some clothing racks with some fun, cute, not your "ordinary" clothes that you could come and try on and feel pretty in.  a place where you could maybe find something a little "out of the ordinary" or "out of the box" for you that you loved and that made you feel good!  
i envisioned a cozy little corner in that room with a couple of chairs where we could have a cup of coffee and a chat ... about your kids or life, your relationship with God, where you were safe to laugh or cry or just have a shoulder to lean …

{what happens when you decide to "creep"}

OK ... so i realize that i left you all kind of hanging for awhile here ... sorry, july totally got away on me!
after reading all of my crazy questions, rick was actually quite gracious, answering all of them and then some, while telling me that he considered me a "hoot" which i think was a compliment! his answers gave me a good bit of insight into who he was {or said he was} and answered the two most important ... he did love MY Jesus and my green bay packers ... so at least he was worth a second thought and further conversation!
since he said he hadn't found a local church to attend, i told him where i went to church and invited him to join me on sunday, and then i also texted him, since he provided me with his cell number.
i simply said, "hi rick" to which he replied "hi sheila" ... and when i asked how he knew it was me, he replied that he hadn't given his number to "that many girls" today ... oh, boy ... that money for comedian les…

{i found you}

.... it was 5 years ago today after finding and friend requesting rick on facebook, that i sent him a p.m. that simply said, "sorry, found you" :)
little did i know that he had horrible cell service at his house and his cell service doubled as his internet, so he didn't get my message right away ... which certainly led me to believe that maybe i made a mistake by creeping, but i was still holding out hope!
thankfully once he had a decent signal, he got my message and he did reply ... 
"thanks sheila, i didn't realize a facebook stalking would be so nice!" 

he then offered that i could ask any questions that i wanted to ... 

an offer i think he may have regretted soon after reading my next message!
i decided that i wasn't going to waste time and not ask the important questions, so i asked about his family relationships, prior marriage, relationship with his kids, did he drink, did he smoke, some other quite personal questions and the two "deal breaker que…

{getting to know you}

... the next day when i checked my computer, i had a notification that i had received some messages on the plenty of fish site ... 
eek ... that was kind of scary!
some were automatic delete ones, like dr. cheerio who i mentioned yesterday!
another, namely the guy from the gym doing the pushups went something like this ...
"hey, i saw that you checked out my profile but you didn't comment." 
um ... 
no ...
i didn't ...
was i supposed to?
well, i didn't actually say that, but i thought it! 
i'm not actually sure how i responded, but i must have said something because i remember that he then came back with ...
"do you know the problem is with runner girls?"
to which i remember i responded ...
"as my dad would say ... what did you do with the money your dad gave you for comedy lessons?"
which instantly sparked an "lol" back from gym guy ... and that was the beginning!
at that point, cautious me kicked back in and i decided to check him out on face…

{the beginning}

five years ... seems like yesterday, seems like forever!
five years ago tonight ... a new adventure began!
five years ago today i had taken all 3 girls to Bible camp for the week and when i got home i felt brave!
rickey and i had had a very good marriage.  
i had 2 amazing step-kids and he and i had 3 more girls that we had added to our wonderful family.
i knew that marriage could be good, very good, in fact and that i was only 45 years old and {hopefully} had lots of life left to live and i didn't think i wanted to live it alone!
i knew that in a week i was starting new job and thought it would be nice to have someone to share the excitement and nervousness and adventure with. and i honestly thought it would be nice to have someone to go out to pizza with once in awhile!
i knew that i missed companionship.
i knew, from conversations that rickey and i had had way back in the beginning our our relationship over 20 years earlier that he wouldn't want me to be alone and grieving forever.

my blogging certainly goes in spurts!
i'm so sorry! 
life has been been good, and busy and full of adventure ... 
just to recap the last month or so 
think of this as a photo flip book ... in words!
{in no particular order}
a quick weekend trip to georgia
trips to miller park to watch the brewers
mowing the lawn
rainy days
falling more in love with my husband
a bridal shower for my beautiful middle
2 of 3 girls headed to slovakia for a missions trip
working as a personal trainer again
mowing the lawn
seeking God's call/leading in our lives
deep conversations with rick
our "baby" turning 18
selling our rental property
buying a new to me jeep{!}
seeing God move {in HUGE ways}
celebrating my "other" daughter's wedding
enjoying visits from the kids
leaning on God's wisdom, not my own
seeking God
morning coffee on the screen porch
mowing the lawn
snuggling pets {lots of them}
seeing our marriage grow & glow
enjoying family
dreaming of things t…

again today ...! ♥

{Photo taken last year at Tessa's college graduation}
today ...
today, my heart is full.
full of emotion!
nearly 5 years and 7 months ago {june 5 will be that exact "milestone"} we sat in a hospital room and heard the words that changed our lives forever...
"i'm sorry, rickey didn't make it"
just like that
life as we knew it was no more.
tessa was a senior, she hadn't even graduated yet, how could this be happening?
but, God.
but God, knew.
while we still do not know the "why" of that day {and won't understand the full "why" until we reach heaven} God does.
and He has been faithful to see us through.
today, we awoke to sunshine filtered through the clouds on this "yooper" morning.
there is a chance of rain yet again, it's been a rainy spring, but the temperatures are supposed to be pretty nice, for springtime in the "yoop"!
the house will soon be bustling with activity as mama worries that ever…


o.k. ... this sounds good, right?!
But can you put it into action?  
Can you really go 24 hours without complaining?
The cat knocks over the vase of flowers {again} sending water spilling everywhere!
The garbage is overflowing but nobody but you seems to see it!
The car in front of you has their cruise set 1 mile below the speed limit {and you can't pass them}!
Yet *another* glass of milk is spilled at supper!
The clerk at the store is just a crab.
You ordered a CHEESEburger but it came with no cheese!
Can you do it?
Can you find something good in each situation?  A glimmer of "hope"?
Flowers tipped, water spilled ... the counter needed to be wiped down anyway!
The garbage is full ... I have a home full of people to create garbage!
The clerk is a crab ... maybe they have a sick parent/spouse/child at home, but have to be at work, maybe they just got "that" call from the Dr. with bad news, you never know what is going on in their life ... BLESS them anyway ... …


Yes, I've seen this before.

Yes, this is truth.
Some days, my mind feels like all these open browsers on my computer!

Today is one of those days!
I have so many thoughts swirling that I can't even THINK about what I could/should/want to share!
We went to the gym today for the first time in a long time and it was amazing!
I need to organize/update my LuLaRoe albums and take photos.
I can't believe how amazing my LuLaRoom smells with Tangerine/Lemon/Peppermint diffusing!
I LOVE, love, love wearing make-up {and even lipstick} again thanks to Senegence and LipSense!
I LOVE, love, love that my daughter texts me recipes to try in my InstantPot!
I hate that we have an empty nest, but love that all of our kids are self sufficient, amazing young adults!
I'm excited that we're going to CHICAGO this weekend!
I LOVE seeing how God is working in my life, in Rick's life and in our marriage!

I can't believe I didn't love animals before I met Rick ... 

I mean seriousl…


This is a tough one for me ....

All my life, I've tried and failed, and tried and failed to be "enough" for others.
I strive, 
and I try 
and I fail 
to be a good daughter, sister, sister-in-law, wife, mommy, cousin, friend, employee, business owner ...
It is a process, and I know that I have not arrived by any means, but I'm slowly learning that
I'm created in HIS image.
I'm loved extravagantly by HIM.
If I were the only person on earth, HE would have died {and rose again} for me.
I will continually fail my earthly family & friends but HE sees me as beautiful 
For some, I will always
talk to much
 or be to boisterous
or too emotional
I may never be
thin enough {or I may be too thin}
or patient enough
or organized enough 
"not enough" {or too much} for others.
BUT ... in God I can know that I am
and loved 
and HE adores me 
and because of that ...
xo, sheila ♥